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Om jobbet

Hey iOS developers, we want you! If you’ve spent the past years working with Objective C, the iOS SDK and Xcode, REST API:s and JSON but also know your way around Core Data, Core Animation and GCD, we think you could be the one we’re looking for. If your first Swift app also is well on its way and you enjoy a culture based on co-creation, agile processes and working alongside exceptionally talented designers, you’ll be a valued member in our ever-growing team.


  • Worked professionally as a developer for several years and thrive in an office where things are happening fast. You also have experience working with APIs and JSON.
  • 2-5 years of expreience working with Objective C, the iOS SDK and XCode. Experience with networking, REST API:s and JSON is a given, and if you know your way around Core Data, Core Animation, GCD or the like, that’s a plus.
  • Have a passion for your profession, new technologies and development best practices. That is, you’ve been prepared for the new phone sizes for a while now. You’re probably excited to start developing for the watch. Your first Swift app is well on its way and you keep looking for patterns to keep your View Controllers small.
  • A solid grasp of agile processes and software engineering. You do not need to be an expert – but it’s good if you have an understanding of – interaction design and graphic design. You have good communication and presentation skills (written and spoken), in Swedish and English
  • A positive can-do mentality, great teamwork spirit, an ability to motivate and inspire your colleagues and a sound business sense
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Om företaget

Mobiento was founded more than a decade ago, uniquely positioned with focus on mobile. Over the years, we have evolved and broadened our horizons and today we still apply our mobile-first approach but create full digital, multi-platform products, services and experiences to make a measurable difference in people’s lives.

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