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Om jobbet

The world runs on billions of lines of code with ever-increasing stakes for software reliability and correctness. At Functor we are unleashing a new paradigm in software engineering, bringing in advances from academia that have yet to be leveraged in industry to ensure that software works as intended.

We are growing and looking for software developers skilled in functional programming. With your talents, we will revolutionize the world of software.

About the Role: Openings for software developers highly trained in functional programming, six developer or more entangled in our "teams", three with considerable Haskell, OCaml experience, talents, entrepreneurial mind-set, and three for Scala, spear-edge Functor Consulting branch, with out-standing industrial track-records.

We are also looking for backend developers with skills in Java, AngularJS, ideally combined with skills in Docker and functional programming. If you know LLVM and compiler construction, you would become immediately a candidate with key roles.

About Your Background: Ocaml and Haskell talents, with or without PhD's, with industrial experience, passionate and talented for advanced functional programming and disruptive new technology based on Martin-Löf type theory.

We look forward to your application!

Om företaget

Functor provides a culture of excellence where talents can excel in very challenging software development with our world-leading technologies and with state-of-the-art practices.

Our developers are given the opportunity to further their skills and broaden and strengthen their experience still further, as international elite programmers. We encourage our staff to continuously explore new problem domains, learn new tools and techniques, and we encourage them to also take own initiatives so that we can provide the resources they may need to remain spearhead developers.

WHAT WE DO: Functor offers new research-based technology for software development, testing and next generation code analysis. Functor Prevent™ would have prevented the worst security vulnerability in human history. Software drives innovation today, but faces challenges within data security, reliability and performance. About half of all software projects fail to deliver. Most run out of time and budget. Even Sweden, a leader, must become ten times better in developing software (Swedsoft). Over 50% of the bugs can be prevented in many projects with our unique technology. Our flagship product Functor Scalor™ is part of a paradigm shift in the industry (STEW 2012).

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