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Welcome to Greenely!

At Greenely, we work everyday to make the world a better place and reach a more sustainable planet by changing the way we consume energy. Our digital mobile platform helps more than 10 000 households to adapt more a sustinable energy behavior and also invest in renewable energy.

We are growing really fast and are looking for the next superstar to join our team!

About this position

About the role
Your role as a backend developer means that you actively participate in the development of Greenelys service. The team is cross-functional and consists of both frontend and backend developers. You will work with backend development and develop microservices built in Python to accommodate new functionality for our users, according to a roadmap. We utilize agile development with a kanban structure where the entire team is involved.

Since Greenely is a small team where close communication takes place and projects vary quite a lot, we place strong emphasis on your personal qualities. Therefore, we believe that you are flexible as a person, social, have easy to communicate, responsible and can explain technological aspects in an educational way to people who are not involved. We apply freedom under responsibility and believe that you are an important puzzle piece to our team. Furthermore, you have a strong will to create value for the end user.

You enjoy working together in smaller teams. You are technically interested and thrive in a high paced environment. We also believe that you have an interest in your colleagues' work and like to help out where and when needed.

Background and personal characteristics

  • A few years of work experience in backend development
  • Experience of development in Python
  • Experience of API Development
  • Experience of agile working methods
  • Relevant university education or equivalent
  • DevOp's experience (not a requirement)
  • Experience of Microservices (not a requirement)
  • Experience in project management (not a requirement)

What you are offered besides competitive salary

  • Being part of a startup company with a entrepreneurial spirit that is growing fast. You are given great opportunities to influence the content of the work and bring your own thoughts and ideas to the table
  • Possibility of employee stock options over time
  • We start the week with a team breakfast and finish Friday's with traditional Swedish "fika"
  • You are also offered healthcare allowance as well as the right to exercise during paid working hours through use of a weekly health and wellness hour
  • Be able to join and build an innovative successful service company in the energy sector together with smart colleagues in the heart of Östermalm, Stockholm

Our goal is to empower people to take smarter actions for a healthier planet

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About Greenely

Greenely is a company that has created a new way of nudging households toward a smarter energy use through a mobile application without the need for hardware. The company was founded, as a result of a master thesis at the KTH, Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, on the basis that by making energy more easily understandable, we can encourage households to achieve energy savings and contribute to a better world.

Greenely provides households with access to their energy data through an advanced data collection system that connects to the home's existing smart electricity meters. The service is available free for iPhone and Android mobiles and currently has over 12,000 Swedish households in the platform.


Technology is for people, and Greenely is for people. That means that we are always on the customers' side, helping them navigate through the sometimes complex world of energy consumption, empowering them and guiding them -- always in a helpful and transparent way.


We know change can be hard, for everyone, but we value change and most of all we understand that there needs to be some serious change in order to help more to use less -- for our planet's sake.


In everything we do, we strive for simplicity. When we end up with a complex solution or when a user does not understand us, we need to think again. When we communicate we think simplicity and when we plan, we think smartness and efficiency, finding the most uncomplicated way from A to B.


We go to work every day to save the planet, but we also go because we like to have fun. We think a good sense of humor and a mandatory company laugh (feel free to giggle) now and then is a must. We work with serious things, but we don't take ourselves too seriously. That is a big difference.

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