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Java developer

Detta jobb är inaktivt och går inte att söka längre.

Java developer for AXIS in Lund

Do you characterize yourself as a person with gumptions and have a new way of thinking? Are you driven enough to develop new innovative idéas? Are you a senior within Java EE? Then you are given an opportunity to evolve yourself within an innovative company which is Axis Communication, based in Lund, Sweden.

About this position


Together with your colleagues in the team for Product Services, under the section of Application Development, you will be working in the backend and it´s your responsibility to reasure that the system will be able to grow and will continuously remain scalable.

You will be a part of the developning of the intern systems, that will handle tons of data for users of our products. You will also set a planned structure for the remainable development.

Your responsibility will also be to develop a productinformationsystem and different API:s that will be used within Axis as well as with our clients and workingpartners.

Our system handles tons of complex and mission critial tasks. Which thereby puts you as the developer on high requirement, which will also be based on the code that you will deliver.


We want you to have a couple of years of experience within the same service.

We are also welcoming junior developers with a couple of years of experience, that also finds Axis and attractive and interesting company to work for/with.

We believe that you have an imprint of the idéa of a "new way of thinking" and have a free spirit and your own will to want to contribue with your own innovative idéas.

We want you to have experience of working with MySQL-databases, which we later on will built our REST-API:s on together with JPA, EJB and JAX-RS. We are at this moment working with JavaEE 7, but we have slowly started to do some experimenting with Spring boot. We are now also looking at different functionalities as Java EE 8, which is providing us to be in the front edge of the development.

Demands and experience

We want you have experience within JavaEE/Spring boot or has a stong foundation within JavaSE and is able to take the step in to Enterprise Java. It is also a big plus if you have the qualification of previously working with integration solutions. You need to have an education after High school in your luggage and understand the importance and the functionality within the code that you will produce and deliver. We have a preference that you are an interesting person with lots of curiosity that finds pleasure in exciting and complex programming.

The Axis difference

Act as one, Always open and Think big!
  • Perk: Career opportunities Career opportunities
  • Perk: Competent and fun colleagues Competent and fun colleagues
  • Perk: New technologies New technologies
  • Perk: Team work Team work
  • Perk: Social responsibility Social responsibility
About AXIS

Axis is marketleaders within networkvideos. We invented the first network camera in the world 1996, and ever since then everything has bine innovators within video surveillance. We have given millions of people all ove the world a reasured security and have contributed to satisfy the growing need of a smarter and a more safe world. With the help of 75 000 partners in 179 countries, we have delivered a long line of groundbreaking products and a lot of industry breakthroughs. And we are definetely looking forward to continue with that development of ours. Axis isn´t just a company - Axis is a culture, a way of living. Axis offers an open minded multi cultural workingplace where we encourage our employers to express their own self-sufficient way of thinking. - We live after our values: Act as one, Always open and Think big!

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