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Software Developer - Frontend/Backend/Fullstack - Ruby/JS/Elixir

Om jobbet

Since the start of Auctionet, the dev team has stayed a small tight-knit team. With our current growth rate we now face new challenges with the platform and our organisation. In order to keep Auctionet at the forefront of e-commerce and our platform to keep up with the customer demands, we have to expand our team quite a bit. This means we are looking for developer talent across the board. Any skillset is interesting for us, from front- to backend to BI and Dev ops.

We are looking for a developer...

* with a passion for software development
* with a curious mindset and who is open to learn and to share knowledge
* who wants to participate in making our workplace continuously better

We also value if you have...

    *  an appreciation for automated testing and continuous deployment
    *  experience in Ruby/Rails or similar environments
    *  an interest in art, design or collectibles

    We’re into modern technology and agile methodology. We try new things constantly and use the things we like. That includes practices like test-driven development, retrospectives, continuous integration, continuous deployment and Devops. We've documented some of our practises in our devbook.

    We dedicate time to do lab days, where the team sets their own goals and gets time to learn new languages (Elixir, Elm, ...) or frameworks (Phoenix, React, ...) do some fun coding exercise, exchange experiences with other teams, or just build that feature that they feel would be a fun challenge.

    We contribute to open source, release our own libraries and attend and arrange meetups.

    Our work hours are flexible, we work remotely or in our Stockholm or Malmö offices (and do remote pairing with great success), we don’t do overtime, we’ll pay your gym membership and you get time off to use it. You get six weeks of paid vacation. You get a work phone and the computer of your choice. Each year you get a generous budget and time allowance to attend conferences, participate in code retreats or courses.

    Auctionet is a marketplace where auction houses from Sweden, UK, Finland, Spain and Germany sell furniture, art, design items, collectibles and more. The company was founded in 2011 by a team of people with unique experience of online auctions. Read more about Auctionet here.

    In 2021 Auctionet acquired the auction house Stockholms Auktionsverk, and we are now by far the largest auction marketplace in the nordics, and one of the larger auction marketplaces in the world. With this acquisition, Auctionet owns and operates both the oldest Auction house in the world (1674) and the second oldest (1681), which means we have been working with sustainability for almost 350(!) years.

    Om företaget

    Auctionet holds online auctions with furniture, design, art and everyday antiques. We gather auction houses from all over Sweden and Europe.

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