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Thesis Project Main heading = 30HP – Test Planning Automation

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About the job

A thesis project is a perfect way to get a closer contact with Scania and build relations for your future. Many of our employees started their career at Scania with their thesis project.

Background and Description of the Assignment
A test plan is one of the fundamental testing artefact that drives the testing process, and as such it has a major impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of the testing activities. For agile test teams that are following iterative delivery cycle in which the testing efforts are divided into sprints, the test plan is a continuously evolving document that changes rather fast. As a consequence to the agile way of working, the test team is responsible for updating the existing or generating a completely new test plan for every test round. Additional challenge for generating efficient test plans within certain parts of Scania is the high variability of the products. This means that a specific testing task is always applicable to some specific product or family of products (for instance, some functionality is available in trucks but not in busses, or it might require a specialized variant of a truck, etc.).

While some testing levels abstract away from the variability of the products’ features, at the complete vehicle integration testing level one must account for the variability of the products as the testing is performed in a Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) environment, which means that a specific feature might require setting up a specific configuration of the HIL environment in order to make it adequate for a specific verification task. Given that setting up a new configuration in the HIL environment is a complex and time consuming process, it poses significant constraints on the testing plan, especially with respect to its efficiency. In this project, we aim to explore whether the generation of the test plan can be completely automated for the complete vehicle integration testing at Scania. The starting premise is that the tasks for a specific test round are specified in an issue tracking program (for instance jira). Then, the goal is to propose and implement a completely automated solution for generating a test plan based on the existing set of tasks for that particular test round.

The generated test plan must be optimized for at least the following two parameters:

  1. the maximal set of tasks that can be run in a specific test round, and
  2. highest possible utilization of the HIL environment (minimize the number of reconfigurations for the HIL environment)

Another very important aspect that the automated test planning solution should provide is changelog history, and a visualization mechanism for displaying it in a user-friendly manner. That means that the as the test plan evolves, the previous version of the test plan is logged (saved) for the purpose of retroactive analyses.

Finally, the automated solution must be compared against the current state-of-the-practice manual approach for test plan development and maintenance in order to draw a conclusion about the efficiency and usefulness of the automated approach against the current approach.

Candidate profile
We are looking for highly-motivated and self-driven students. We do not impose strict requirements on the expertise and background of the applicants, however, we are looking for candidates with a strong problem solving and coding skills. Demonstrated coding skills and/or experience will be considered as advantage, so please do not hesitate to include links to at least some of your projects in your application (source code or production), regardless of the programming language used.

Assign education, line or direction: MSc in Engineering or Computer Science
Number of students: 1-2
Start date for the Thesis project: January 2022
Estimated timescale: 20 weeks

Contact person and supervisor
supervisor: Predrag Filipovikj, PhD, Test Method Developer for Complete Vehicle Integration Testing,
manager: Per Lernman, Complete Vehicle Integration Testing,

Your application should contain CV, personal letter, and copies of grades. If you are an exchange student, please include copies of grades from your home university as well.

This position will remain open until successful recruitment of candidates. The recruitment will be performed in an ongoing basis, which means that interesting candidates will be contacted as soon as possible after their application.

Date of publication as from – to
2021-11-18 – 2021-12-31

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