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3D Generalist - Game Studio

NAG Studios AB - Stockholm - Heltid

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About the job

Hi! Do you want to be with us from the start?

We are NAG Studios, a brand-new studio founded on an insatiable curiosity about the elusive magic of game making. We push the envelope to give competitive gaming and esports its Superbowl format. Together with us, we have a distinguished list of professional teams, players, streamers, and game show producers.


Unreal Engine Experience - You have at least 4 years of experience building AA or AAA games in the Epics Unreal engine. You have collected dos and don'ts of using Unreal through the years and you are also comfortable using Unreal BluePrints.

Art + Tech - You are proficient, preferably cutting-edge, in all of the necessary areas regarding different modeling & texturing styles, basic rigging and skinning, lighting, basic shaders, polygon budgeting, and repository structuring.

Full Picture - We need you to be our Master Shifu of content. You see the details but are driven by getting the whole game and its content set to the next milestone.


Communicator - You are a person that can identify, formulate, and effectively communicate any risks, dependencies, opportunities for the team, and the product.

Educator - Someone who patiently contributes to a collaborative, transparent, and learning culture within the team and who takes an active interest in improving the craft.

Driver - As a startup, we need someone scrappy. You take action and are not afraid of experimenting to get us where we need to go. You also use your communication skills when you see something that needs to be driven forward.

Team player - We fail and succeed as a team. Really. Read through and feel how you identify with Our Culture below since it is something that is very important to us and our chances of wild success.


The best idea must always win - We listen patiently, we speak up courageously and we never interrupt each other. We agree or disagree but in the end, we commit to a common vision and have each other's backs at all times. Diverse perspectives improve creativity, to us self-evident but also scientifically proven. Learn more

Vulnerability - Our success lies in how we treat each other. When was the last time you said “I was wrong..” or “I’m sorry..”? To be vulnerable means to speak up despite the fear of judgment, hurt, or failure. We strive to achieve world-class teams and that starts with trust, and vulnerability is where trust is born. Learn more

Creativity wherever - We all lead busy and complex lives. Hence, we encourage everyone to work where, when, and how they can achieve the highest levels of creativity, productivity, collaboration & communication. Success comes after happiness, not the other way around.


6 weeks' paid vacation + Employee stock options + Flexible hours & location + Occupational pension + Health grant + potentially the best colleagues you have ever had.

While we strongly prefer you to be based out of Stockholm, Sweden; for the right talent and studio-fit we are open to finding solutions.

Oh -and NAG stands for No Asshole Games.   

The best idea must always win

Part of NAG Studios Culture

30 days paid holidays

Job perk: Responsibility


Job perk: New technologies

New technologies

Job perk: Competent and fun colleagues

Competent and fun colleagues

Job perk: Stock opportunities

Stock opportunities

Job perk: Flextime


Om företaget

Wanna join us on our road to give competitive gaming and esports its Superbowl format? 

Because we are building a new kind of game development studio!

We are at the beginning of something big here, that is what we have heard anyway. But we will let you find that out by yourself.

We are early, but we are building our team, have investments in place, and are building a really great team that will do this together. We are four people right now, but more are joining this summer. 

We start out this journey by building a new type of competitive game, with three distinct edges;

Edge #1: Process, together with the community from day#1

Edge #2: Focusing on Spectating

Edge #3: A new game format/design

And yes, curiosity is our main drive, and the name "NAG" stands for No Asshole Games...

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