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Global Application Manager Elof Hansson Group

Detta jobb är inaktivt och går inte att söka längre.

About the job

In this role you will make it happen! As Elof Hansson always try to make a difference for our customers, suppliers, and employees. 

The global business facilitator: The business concept is as strong today as when the young merchant Elof Hansson started his own business 120 years ago. It is about connecting buyers and sellers and helping them to make good deals. That is what Elof Hanssons' trading specialists do every day for companies around the globe. 


Your role is crucial for the next development phase of our group. Acting as the global business facilitator they are, the world and business requirements forces us all to change as the surroundings chanhes. IT plays an important role in building the requirements for this change. It will happen through development of our existing IT portfolio as well as through digitalization. And since we are operating around the globe, you are as well!

The IT department is small, and most of our IT operation is today outsourced. Your role will be to keep pace and tringency in our system development activities, by working together with the organization to find good solutions for the future. You will also act as a project manager to secure a successful delivery and implementation.

We work for a global management and control of our business model and out business system as well as peripheral systems (Twin, Power BI). In that work, this role will have great responsibility, and opportunity for influence, in both work processes and system solutions. 

The goal of a global management of NAV is that we should have as common and smiliar working methods in the various databases as possible to facilitate our daily work, coordination, and management of the company. 


  • The application manager will be the one who globally handles the system solutions and thus is responsible for ensuring that these are the same at all sites and do not disrupt the general process or system core. 
  • Conduct the work with the strategic plan for applications.
  • Plan for system updates and other maintenance.
  • Run forums for superusers globally and develop the collaboration between superusers. 

It is possible to take operational responsibility for a small team of hired consultants. 



You will work in an international environment, at a high pace. This means that you must be able to handle several different projects at the same time at several different levels in the company. At the same time, it provides an opportunity for great influence in how we will work going forward in a more digitalized everyday life. 

For this position, we would like to see university education in economics and / or IT or equivalent. We also wish that you have: 

  • Documented experience of and knowledge in project management
  • Great knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • A few years' work experience from similiar roles with a focus on improvement work

To succeed in this role, you need to have your own drive to improve our business, an eye for detail but at the same time the ability to see the big picture and the consequences of different decisions. You must have a willingness to listen to and understand the wishes and suggestions that come from the business. Of course, you enjoy a high work pace and being part of driving change. There will be projects that requires you to work evenings and weekends. 

In this process we collaborate with Wise IT. If you wish to know more, please contact Adam Vestlund at 0760-065047.

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