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Cloud Architect- Come fly with us!

Detta jobb är inaktivt och går inte att söka längre.


Jayway is an employee owned, innovative technology and design company, helping clients create groundbreaking digital products and services.

As a Cloud Architect, you will have recent and extensive knowledge of cloud computing technologies. You currently hold a position as Cloud Architect at a major company or organisation and have created scalable architecture for large data volumes. Experience of designing secure, distributed "native" cloud solutions with business-critical information is a requirement.

About the position

Even if we have our favorites we are not locked to any specific Cloud provider but instead we go for the solution most appropriate for each client. Our work both involves research and migrating projects but also ongoing upscaling when moved on to cloud. We have experience in a lot of different fields when it comes to the cloud also including Machine Learning and IoT and we constantly seek to be top of things!

Sharing, cooperating and being communicative are self-evident for you. You are passionate about problem-solving and like down-to-earth teamwork. You have the relevant BSc or MSc in engineering.

Our daily jobs

We do both consulting and project work, focusing on in-house projects. We aim for fun and challenging projects of the right size - typically 3-8 people, working in an agile way, using cool technology. We work with clients ranging from small specialist companies to some of the biggest ones in the world. We've introduced agile methodologies at many of our clients, and of course practice what we preach.

Skills & Requirements

  • Experience from data analysis
  • Have experience with working with architecture (not necessarily as an architect, but been a part of setting up architecture)
  • Detailed technical knowledge of multiple industry leading cloud platforms, preferably AWS or Microsoft Azure
  • Experience with continuous deployment & automation
  • The ability to architect and manage an end to end solution while being able to drill down into technical details and perform root cause analysis when required.
  • Experience with agile delivery methodologies and use of devops delivery infrastructure
  • We salute you if you have experience in the development of sales proposals and the
  • Ability to successfully navigate complex organisations and manage multiple stakeholder interests!

I’m working on a project where I share my time between Stockholm and sunny California, absolutely love it! Working on both continents is a valuable experience both for my career and for my personal growth!

Pär Majholm, Developer Jayway Stockholm
About Jayway

We are a technology and innovation company with roots in Malmo. We have since 2000 grown steadily and today we are a bit more than 200 experts spread across our offices in Stockholm, Malmö, Copenhagen, Halmstad and Palo Alto, California.

We have a tight cooperation between our offices and if you are up for it, there is always the possibility to try out another Scandinavian city or why not make the great journey across the Atlantic?

As an employee of Jayway you are entitled to approximately 140 hours of paid competence development every year, during office hours of course.

Our team is full of caring, passionate and innovative people and we all strive to create technological magic with both code and digital brushes.

We also believe in helping our fellow human beings, regardless of where in the world you come from and have therefore co-founded "Talent Without Borders", a program where the ambition is to help newcomers integrate into the Swedish labor market. Read more here: https://www.talentwithoutborders.io

Do you think Jayway sounds like an interesting company? Then we think you should do the following:

  1. Apply directly in one of our ads here on Uptrail.
  2. Get in touch with Carl-Johan Walleby, our CEO for Jayway Stockholm, carljohan.walleby@jayway.com

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