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Full Stack Developer to Research & Development at SEB in Stockholm

About the job

Research & Development is a recently formed team within Group CIO. Together with Open Banking and Cloud Strategy we form the “R&D and Transformation” unit. It is a fast-paced collaborative environment working in the forefront of technology and financial solutions that will expose you to people and functions all over the bank and give you the opportunity to work with external partners/suppliers as well as academia/universities on different explorative activities.

The current themes for the team during the first half of the year are Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Asset-as-a-service, AI/ML for synthetic data, pre-signed payments and Google Cloud. To discover and solve hypothesis in these themes we use a combination of technologies that fits the intended solutions.

Broad strokes of our way of working: firstly, we do explorations of topics of interest for the bank and for us and if there is more to be explored after our initial hypothesis, we expand it into a bigger project where we collaborate with relevant partners inside or outside of the bank. These explorations can range from conceptual new business models and their implementations to setting up private blockchain networks for prototyping.

Curiosity, enthusiasm and an “anything is possible until proven otherwise” mindset are key success factors for the role.

We are a team of five people where two are developers and we’re looking to expand with one more full stack developer. We are also supported by two CX Prototypers.

Visit our website to get to know what we’ve been working on recently:

What you will be doing

You will drive and collaborate on the latest tech and business trends to make them accessible to and inspire the rest of SEB. We do this by building prototypes and demonstrations that we host in Google Cloud Platform. Much of your work will consist of trying out technologies to see how it can create value, fit in a SEB context and building prototypes to show how it might work.

We do not belong to any specific area of SEB which means that we are free to explore what is interesting for the bank as whole. This means that you will not work with a single technology or programming language but depending on what we explore we often find ourselves working with Javascript, Python, Jupyter Notebooks, Kubernetes and GCP.

We host our Next.js website on GCP.

Who we are looking for

For this role we believe you have a deep interest and knowledge of technology and a general good knowledge of infrastructure services such as containers, Kubernetes and serverless functions. We also believe that you have an interest in learning new technology and problem solving using unfamiliar tools, e.g., a new programming language. Further, a curious mindset to a turn ideas and knowledge into business value.

Ready to join?

Let us know how you can contribute and send us your application no later than 2022-03-30. If you have questions, please contact us Martina Wallenberg, at for a chat or a coffee about the position. SEB Sweden has a redeployment responsibility, why this position might be covered by internal redeployment

Welcome to a community of tech-savvy and passionate employees from all corners of the world. SEB is in fact one of the largest IT employers in the Nordics. Together we future proof a world of financial flows by exploring and implementing modern digital architecture and state-of-the-art technology. We are driven by collaboration, insight, and friendship. But also, a desire to change and improve. All in all, it creates a balance - where life and a stable yet exciting job can co-exist. If you want to shape tomorrow's bank - continue reading and apply today.

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