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Senior calculation engineer with an interest in process automation

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About the job

We are in the middle of a transformation journey within electrification. This means a new way of working as well as new types of products. UPAC is a calculation and testing group at Research and Development, within the propulsion department that is an essential part of thise transformation. We are now changing the way we work and deepening our knowledge. We, therefore, need to automate a lot more and increase the capability of our methods.

To succeed in our transformation journey we are now looking for You, our new team player who will enable us to reach our strategic goals!

What profile do we look for?
We believe that you by nature are curious and you feel and act with high responsibility and autonomy. You are thorough in your work and have a good feeling regarding when to dig in to the details and when results are sufficient to answer the objectives. You have probably worked as a calculation engineer for 5-10 years and are or have been responsible for new methods that are now implemented. You have performed automation where you are currently working and you can give examples of where your automation have had an impact on the organization!

You like to commit to these types of assignments and like to do more. You enjoy connecting with others and find teamwork joyful and see it as an opportunity to learn as well as to contribute. We think your motivation comes from the joy of seeing the effect of your work and being helpful to others. We look for the following characteristics in your profile:

  • Education with a academic theoretical background.
  • Seniority as a calculation engineer.
  • Experienced in Python scripting, batch/shell scripting and explicit FEM analysis.
  • Fluent in English, both spoken and written.

The team and what we do
We are a passionate team that values social safety, teamwork, trust and understanding, and an open mindset. We believe that this is key to enabling ourselves to develop and to be creative. In our group, we have physical testing both in a rig and in vehicles. We have load data expertise and static and explicit FEM to perform virtual testing.

  • We program and automate in Python and use git for version control.
  • We work with several pre-processors including Abaqus CAE, Simlab, Ansa and hypermesh. The main FE solver is Abaqus.
  • We have access to more tools like Gitlab, FemFat, nCode and Romax to mention a few.
  • We practice SAFe and servant leadership.

Your role
You will work with a variety of phenomena and part systems of the powertrain where method development is needed to understand new solutions and measure new values. Your job will include improving the method development of virtual testing at the group, as well as performing simulations on our current and future products. You will automate your and others simulation methods and tasks, paving a new way of working.

A exempel of assignments are:

  • Identification and mapping of dimensioning loads in correlative studies with test track-, and customer-vehicles.
  • Investigate deviations occuring for commercial technique as well as integration with electric motors and suggest design changes.

The complexity of the assignments requires, that a large part of your work will consist of continuous method development in order to improve the capability of the numerical models and the scaling of their deployment.

If this sounds like you and you find this exciting role interesting, we are happy to take part of your application at the latest 2022-01-31!
This recruitment process will include interviews, tests, and a case. Please note that we will have limited availability due to Christmas and New Year holidays.


For more information
Please contact recruitment manager Anna Glassel at or +46 8 553 895 41.

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