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Business Development Manager (all genders)

About the job

Valtech is looking for a Business Development Manager - the initial and first point of contact for our new business efforts, working as part of the European Demand Generation team and reporting directly to our European Head of Demand Generation. Kick starting the new business cycle by being consultative in approach, using insight and intelligence to make informed and value-based introductions and approaches towards prospective accounts and following up on inbound leads who are enterprise in scale and, ultimately, decision making in authority.

The Business Development Manager role is the first step of the career path within business development at Valtech. The role sets out to prime our future new business leaders with the fundamental skills of prospection and nurturing while developing a rich understanding of our complex propositions and technological solutions.


A day in the life of a Business Development Manager

As a European Business development manager your objective is to initiate and nurture the early-stage dialogue with high value leads and prospect accounts, ultimately identifying and qualifying potential opportunities for new business growth.

The plans and tactics you employ to deliver your objectives are multifaceted and require you to spin many plates while maintaining a hand-in-glove collaboration with our marketing, partner alliances and regional new business teams.

Due to the nature of what you will be selling and who you will be selling to, you will operate with an approach that focuses on quality over quantity approach – in Demand Generation we do not copy and paste, we do not rely on mass emails to drive leads and are entrepreneurial in everything we do. As such, your messaging and the connections you make with prospects will be value orientated, carefully considered and personalised while remaining focussed on your overall objective.

  • Inbound lead follow up – the foundation of the role and function of the team, you will respond to high value leads that engage with Valtech from one of multiple sources such as marketing and events, by triggering a value orientated, multi-touch follow up plan to initiate a dialogue and ultimately qualify for pursuit.
  • Supporting Valtechs priority projects and events – you will be part of the core team that supports a series of events and priority projects across the year. You will participate and actively contribute to pre planning and also deliver pre and post event connection plans to high value leads and notable accounts.
  • Priority account outreach – responding to insight and intelligence from across our network, you will be charged with developing and implementing strategic outreach plans toward priority prospect accounts, collaborating with the wider agency to arm yourself with the insight to make an informed and multi-thread approach.
  • Maintain CRM data – you will maintain all lead and account data in our CRM to an exceptional standard, always working to our SLA and best practices.
  • You will attend weekly and monthly, regional, and local reporting meetings where you will provide detailed analysis of your lead and prospect account status, successes and learnings.
  • Collaborate with your European team of equivalents, share your learnings, best practices and always looking to support them in their endeavours.


    You and the role

    You are someone currently working in a new business or sales role, ideally within the software technology, digital agency or consultancy area, for minimum 2 years.

    We would love if you have

    • the ability to manage multiple workstreams, at pace without taking your eye off the ball.
    • high motivation and can effectively manage your own workload, set your priorities and bring energy and an entrepreneurial spirit to everything you do.
    • a natural way of communication and are an active listener.
    • a passion for digital technologies, emerging trends, and their business applications.
    • the drive to become a new business leader in the future.
    • fluency in German and English.


    What you can expect from us 

     Discover our German benefits here

      Apart from the country specific benefits listed, we have more to offer. Our growth development program, for example, to help you excel in your existing profession, or enable you to explore another. Also, there are plenty of internal initiatives for you to take part in. Whether it's about improving Valtech as a business or contributing to the world around us, we encourage our employees to pursue their professional and personal ambitions.


      Join Valtech

      Not only can you help us lead the experience revolution, but you can lead the change. The journey Valtech is on is ambitious and therefore opens doors. The more we grow – the more opportunities there are to take responsibility, implement your creative ideas, and be the innovator and driver to help move us, and our clients, forward. 

      Does it excite you to join Valtech on this journey? And would you like to become our next Demand Generation rockstar?

      Then apply today. We cannot wait to hear from you!  


      Why do we state “all genders” in the title of this job description?
      As per the AGG (General Equal Treatment Act) in Germany and equivalent in France, jobs must be advertised in a gender-neutral manner. We use the statement (all genders) to make it clear that this position is open to all genders in these countries, even if the job title itself can be translated or interpreted as "masculine" in the French or German language.
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      • Förmån: 30 days paid holidays 30 days paid holidays
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      Om företaget

       Valtech är en digital partner som med kreativitet, teknik och lättrörliga arbetssätt gör våra kunder bättre.

      Vi samlar olika specialister under ett och samma tak och ungefär två tredjedelar av våra konsulter har sina rötter i tekniken medan en tredjedel fokuserar på strategi, upplevelse och design. Vår kompetensbredd gör att vi har muskler att hjälpa våra kunder med ett helhetsperspektiv – från idéstadie till lansering, och även med att vidareutveckla tjänsterna därefter. 

      Våra medarbetare kommer från världens alla hörn, vilket innebär att vi kan ta lärdom av varandra och du kan alltid hitta någon att connecta med och lära dig mer av. Valtech grundades i Frankrike 1993 och har funnits i Sverige sedan 1999. Globalt har Valtech verksamheter i totalt 15 länder (45 kontor) och 3 500+ anställda medarbetare globalt. I Sverige är vi cirka 280 anställda som sitter i fantastiska lokaler i Kungliga Myntet vid Stadshuset i Stockholm samt på Kyrkogatan i Göteborg.

      Hurdana är vi då, vi som jobbar på Valtech? Som individer är vi nog ganska olika - från vår erfarenhet vet vi att homogena grupper inte alltid presterar bäst. Och i grupp arbetar vi nästan alltid! Även om vi på Valtech är olika som människor är det desto mer som förenar oss. Först och främst är vi passionerade i det vi gör.

      Tveka inte att kontakta oss om du har några frågor, eller bara vill komma förbi på en kopp kaffe och prata om dina passioner!

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