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Detta jobb är inaktivt och går inte att söka längre.

Om jobbet

We are a marketing technology company specialized in designing and creating large scale "word of mouth" marketing campaigns with the most creative and influential people around the world. By making use of our domain expertise and proprietary technology we help, advise and execute global marketing campaigns in social media for clients like Adobe, Google, Spotify, Absolut, Uber, Samsung, Lego and Xbox to name a few.

Job Description

At the core of everything we do, we use technology to enable scale, speed, get insights and innovate our offering. As a software developer at Relatable you will work on developing all of our systems; ranging from data analysis, monitoring, messaging, payments, visualization, marketing automation and internal systems for operation and campaign delivery.

Do you like working with huge amounts of data? Love identifying opportunities to automate? Motivated by coming up with and shipping stuff where you immediately see the impact? Working in a small and efficient team with lots of freedom? Then this job is for you!

Responsibilities – What you’ll do
  • Work together with colleagues from different disciplines to identify how to use tech, data and automation to make us more efficient and discover new opportunities.
  • Develop features on our platform, systems and tools that do make an impact. From identifying opportunities all the way to making them real.
Requirements – Who you are
  • Strong Node.js and JavaScript experience
  • Full-stack software development experience - you will work with both server-side and client-side technologies
  • Experience of a modern front-end development and its ecosystem, e.g. VueJS, ReactJS
  • Experience of working with large datasets, both with relational and NoSQL databases
  • Familiarity with development using a modern PaaS and cloud architecture, including API-development, message brokers, scaling processes, etc.
  • Bonus points if you have experience in Machine Learning and Data Analysis
  • You've probably got an MSc in Computer Science/Computer Engineering, but you see that only as the stepping stone to learn even more stuff
  • You are probably curious, social and creative - always striving to understand where and how you are creating business value in what you do
  • You have interest in also understanding sales, marketing and operations - and how you can leverage your skills to build stuff that makes a difference
  • Is this a senior/junior position? What experience is required?  This is not a junior position - you are expected to be able to contribute with code, advise based on experience and business insights from day one. You are expected to take responsibility and be able to work productively with lots of freedom. There is no minimum number of years experience required, what matters is your knowledge, your track record of building stuff and the experience you've received from that in various organizations.

  • Are you open to consultants/contractors/outsourcing? No, this is a permanent position on-site where we seek an individual who wants to be an integral part of the team and grow with it.

  • I'm a recruitment agent and I have a CV, may I send it to you? No, we do not accept unsolicited anonymous applications or applications submitted by a third party.

  • Are you open to remote workers? Due to the need to really understand the business, the processes and the close collaboration with other roles it is critical to spend time on-site, interacting with people, on a regular basis. Hence, 100% remote is not possible, however, working remotely in periods (both from cafés or other countries) is something we already do.

Om företaget

We create effective, authentic and engaging marketing campaigns centered around the most creative and influential people in the world. We operate globally at large-scale for clients like Absolut, Google, Adobe, Spotify, Uber and Lego (to name a few).

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