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Pre-Sales Software Architect

Detta jobb är inaktivt och går inte att söka längre.

Om jobbet

Symbio Sweden is currently looking for a tech savvy Swedish speaking Pre-Sales Software Architect to help our company and customers create viable, go to market solutions in all areas of software and product development.


Who you are:

As the Pre-Sales Software Architect, your focus is to bridge the gap between software development know how, customer expectations, and the reality of the market & existing technology. You are a natural influencer and are able to create a collaborative environment while at the same time make an impression on internal and external stakeholders with experience.

You strive to build awesome products and services and you love working with fantastic, dedicated people that like what they're doing. You should also be able to create proposals and present road maps to the all parts of the sales life cycle from the customers, to the project manager and development teams.

In this role you will work very close to our CEO and sales team members and will be an important part of the pre-sales meetings with new customers. You will be most visible in these meetings up until Symbio starts to develop the project. After this, you will act more as a resource on the team and answer for the projects strategy.


Key Skills:

  • Facilitation of customer's needs through meetings, presentations, and demonstrations.
  • Work on proposals and pitches for our business, attending customer meetings and donate your technical input.
  • Act as a resource and mentor for the project team.
  • Assure project progress both with clients and internal teams to maximize progress.
  • Organize and deal with multiple pitches, projects, prioritize tasks and deliver results.
  • Explain complex solutions in simple terms.
  • Experience with inside sales, pre-sales and post-sales.
  • Good interpersonal, presentation and communication skills.
  • Strong customer service orientation.
  • Analytical skills and the ability to recognize the demands on the side of the clients.

Here are a few elaborations on some of these skills:

Communication : We can’t emphasize this enough - you MUST have the ability to speak with all types of stakeholders - Business Developers, CEOs, Operation Managers and Software Engineers. You feel comfortable in high pressure situations where you must convey your analytical thinking into terms everyone can understand. You are a natural influencer and are open to lively discussions around software development and delivery.

Broad and deep technical knowledge : Before crossing into presales, you considered yourself a strong full stack developer. You may still feel that it is easier to do things yourself, but you now understand the value in cross collaboration as well as the technical documentation, reports and diagrams.

Leadership and delegation : While you may not people manage a team, you can work across the organization in leading Symbio’s overall technical path as well as rely on key players within to assist you in key projects and deliverables.

Analytic : Your ability to take abstract problems and transform them into real world solutions will be critical at times, especially when working with the architecture that developers are already evaluating, designing and developing.

Language skills : Excellent verbal and written communication skills in Swedish and English.


Still curious, now imagine yourself here....

At Symbio we believe in the Swedish model - a work/life balance we are fiercely protective of. We are a close knit group of people from all around the world. We value curiosity, honesty, openness and friendliness. There is little hierarchy and everyone is encouraged to participate in all areas of the company. We focus on each other's strengths and help those around us when in need. 

Do you like wheat beer? Do you believe coffee can never be too strong? Have a breakfast speciality you wish to try out on your co-workers? Then Symbio might be the place for you.

Why Symbio?

Because Symbio is a People Product and hiring the right person is our #1 priority 100% of the time. We work with some pretty cool companies (some you know, some you will know) which is why being talented and driven is critical too. From our point of view, the recruitment process is ground zero. 

The Recruitment Process

For this role you can expect:

  • Within 48 hours we will review your application and let you know if you will move on to the first interview or not. This interview is conducted by our Talent Manager and is approximately 30-60 minutes. Nothing tech - just about the role, company and you, high level stuff here.
  • If you successfully complete the interview, you will be sent a short test (20-30 minutes). 
  • You will move on to the second interview where you will meet a Software Architect and a Project Manager. This is a little more micro - you should expect questions about your solutions, projects, ways of working, etc.
  • Once you WOW the Software Architect and Project Manager, you will move on to the Final Interview! You will meet with the company CEO where you will be presented a business case that you will solve and present your best solution. After that you will have a debrief with the Talent Manager. You can expect to be here for 1-2 hours. 

This entire process - from first contact to final interview - takes approximately 2-3 weeks. We like to move as fast as possible but synching so many schedules can take time. We promise, however, to keep you updated as often as possible and from the beginning you will have direct access to our Talent Manager. 

We appreciate that so many talented people have come to work with us - some moving themselves and their family from abroad. We are not only People First, but Family First

About Symbio Sweden

Symbio Sweden is a People First organisation that utilizes collective intelligence to foster a culture of growth and development where we learn from each other.

Symbio Sweden offers freedom that stands out from the stiff and strict consultancy business. Through self-leadership, our employees are empowered to plan their own time, work on side projects and choose which projects they want to work on.

Symbio Sweden utilizes design thinking methodologies and therefore is able to collaborate with clients to meet the end users needs. Symbio supports clients from idea to finished product as well as assisting the client with their "go to market" strategy.

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