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Programmatic DSP Advisor

Detta jobb är inaktivt och går inte att söka längre.

Secure our clients´success!

A DSP Advisor's main focus is to build up its clients' competence and help them achieve their campaign goals. You work closely with your clients, and come up with campaign ideas, keep them up to date with product knowledge and participate in client workshops. A DSP Advisor's main goal is to secure that the clients' online budgets are well executed and that their knowledge about programmatic buying and Delta Projects continues to develop.

As a client's contact person you are, together with an Account Executive, Head of Sales or a Country Manager, responsible for the client's full experience with Delta Projects.

Your responsibilites


  • Help the client to have a good understanding of what programmatic buying means and how this form of buying will positively benefit the agency.
  • Make sure the client understands Delta Projects DSP's unique selling points.
  • Participate in quarterly workshops, which displays the client's programmatic development and how they compare to the market.

Client Development

  • Data analysis such as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd party data
  • Seamless Platform integrations
  • Guide and help the clients through Delta Projects entire platform with customer insights, planning, execution and reporting and adjust the setup for the client.

Campaign Management

  • Adjust the client account and provide help with the setup
  • Send the client optimization tips
  • Help with campaign debriefing
  • Create pre- and post reports
  • DSP Advisor has 100% responsibility for the campaign performance and delivery and is responsible for keeping the client informed so that we meet the campaign goals according to budget spend.

Sales Focus

  • Support the Account Executive, Head of Sales or a Country Manager with proposals, offers orders for the client.
  • Support the Account Executive, Head of Sales or a Country Manager with the revenue goals for the client.

Our Requirements

A DSP Advisor should be able to perform the following tasks

  • Set up and start complex DSP campaigns
  • Campaign optimization
  • Start up and train new DSP clients
  • Take the role as trusted adviser toward the clients

We´re extra happy if you

  • Take the role as trusted adviser toward the clients
  • have worked with Google Analytics - Google Tag Manager
  • are familiar with JavaScript/HTML5
  • know Wordpress or are experienced similar CMS-systems

DSP Advisor is personally responsible for keeping up to date with the latest trends and products within the Programmatic buying space in particular and online advertising in general.

Delta Projects

Our unique system allows you to handpick your audience from a pool of 300 million profiles, where each profile is identifiable based on 300 different data points. These data points consist of things like interests, devices, and habits, giving you a complete blueprint of your target audience. That blueprint is then used as a filter to extend your reach to like-minded audiences, targetable on an individual level. Programmatic buying then steps in and makes sure that 100 % of the impressions bought are directed towards those for whom your message is actually relevant.

Founded in 2002, we are now the largest RTB-buyer in the Nordics. Since the very beginning, we've believed in developing our own technology, rather than buying it from third parties. This way we can guarantee our clients full economical transparency, customizations and predictability in our product development.

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