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Project Leader, IKEA IT

Detta jobb är inaktivt och går inte att söka längre.

Project Leader - Operations & Shared Services, IKEA IT

For us at IKEA, the most important thing is that you share our values and that you are passionate about our vision and business idea.

We are committed to sustainability, equal rights, and a better everyday life for the many people. Whether you see new ways to reduce our environmental impact, or new ways to communicate our solidarity with charitable causes, you can manage the change we want to see. The impact is far bigger than ourselves.

We are looking for a curious Project Leader to join our Project Office community!

About the job

About you

You are a natural leader, capable of building trustful relations and working with leveraging diversity and inclusion among different cultures in a global organisation. You have great communication and good interpersonal skills, drive and integrity. You are result oriented and take lead and responsibility for your project.

With your leadership you have the ability to see the whole picture, but at the same time you have a practical mind set and you like to be hands on.

You have an interest to be part of Project Office community to share your ideas and experience.

We believe that you have some experience by leading projects from global companies. Preferably you have worked with both Waterfall and Agile methodologies. You have genuine interest to grow and develop yourself to become a Project Manager in the near future.

As a person you have a down to earth attitude and you share our IKEA values.

IKEA is on an ambitious and exciting growth journey. Over the coming years we are investing heavily to develop IKEA into the future. We want you to be the change.

Our task is to keep the lights on today and build the IT landscape for tomorrow, enabling IKEA to meet the many people! We do that by securing the daily IT operations, delivering shared test- and integration services and infrastructure expertise and supporting co-workers 24/7.

Project Office houses Project Management resources and is responsible for leading pre-studies and projects within the OSS Project Portfolio as well as ensuring qualitative and efficient project management processes and methods.

The Project Leader will lead projects, sub-projects, smaller enhancements or work streams within larger projects managed by a Project Manager. Youlead people through methods and processes to make everyone perform their best. You deliver within decided scope, time and result mastering the different aspects of project management such as stakeholder-, risk- and dependency management.We see that you are able to manage communication to relevant stakeholders. You are also able to manage dependencies and interfaces and Identify, mitigate and manage risks within your project. This is naturally influenced by IKEAs values.

  • Perk: 30 days paid holidays 30 days paid holidays
  • Perk: Business travel Business travel
  • Perk: Career opportunities Career opportunities
  • Perk: Central office Central office
  • Perk: Competent and fun colleagues Competent and fun colleagues
About IKEA Group

IKEA Group is responsible for global support and business development of the IKEA Retail organisation. It is our responsibility to lead the development of all channels and media, to support the development in our retail markets as well as to lead the positioning of total IKEA. These directions aligned to each other will contribute to fulfil our main objectives, to be the leader of life at home, gain long term profitability and growth.

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