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Director, Global Customer Success and Strategy

Detta jobb är inaktivt och går inte att söka längre.

Om jobbet

For our Uppsala office, we are now looking for a Director, Global Customer Success and Strategy, to join our executive team. In this role, you will be leading our global customer success group, and collaborate closely with our growth and development teams. You will report directly to the Chief Executive Officer, and the Chief Design Officer. Your focus will be what best practice strategies make our customers successful. Together with your team and the whole company, you will develop and spread this expertise for an audience which includes our current customers, our future customers, and the world. The job includes extensive worldwide travel.

The core of the role is to develop, in collaboration with your team and the CEO, best practice strategies and messages for each of our target markets and industry verticals. For example, there are large similarities in how Favro brings unique capabilities that benefits a Montreal game studio head, a NYC advertising agency managing director, and a Palo Alto venture capital investment manager. However, key to our global success is that we can show how each type of company and person specifically can benefit in their context and with their challenges. And we need the right message to bring this insight to the wider world.

You will develop these best practices and messages by collaborating with your team, listening in their expertise and experiences from the front, as well as working closely with the CEO and other executives. You will also be traveling the world meeting with beachhead customers yourself.

Experience, Personality and Skills

We believe that success in this role, is that you can walk into a meeting with a new kind of customer, listen to their challenges, and in real time formulate best practices and show them these solutions, and then back at the office formulate these best practice strategies for blogs, ads, speeches, videos, templates, and input to the development teams so they can prioritise the right features. Our growth team will then be your megaphone spreading the message to the world. You should also be comfortable speaking at international conferences in front of larger groups, as well as smaller, more exclusive audiences.

Equal parts people skills, technology skills, creativity, and drive will benefit this role, as well as relentless pursuit of excellence, and ability to motivate and inspire others.

To summarize, we are looking for someone with:

  • Ability to, during a client meeting, quickly grasp the client’s core challenges, and formulate relevant Favro solutions to those
  • High level and speed of analytical thinking and great listening skills
  • Ability to formulate best practices in distilled form
  • Entrepreneurial mindset
  • Proven client-facing skills
  • Proven skills in team management and a shown talent for executive leadership

We think that you may have a few years’ experience from being out on ’the battlefield’ as either a management consultant or working at a startup. Candidates will be evaluated continuously, so if this sounds appealing to you, please submit your application as soon as possible.

Om företaget

Hansoft is a Swedish software company with offices in Uppsala, San Francisco, Kyiv, Tokyo and Ho Chi Minh City. Some of the most innovative teams around the world depend on Hansofts expertise and apps in order to realize their vision. We built this success being self financed, fast growing, and profitable. Two years in a row we’ve become “Gasell company of the year” in our region. Then, a few years ago, we had a vision for something even bigger. We wanted to bring the agile way of working to all kinds of organisations. Beyond software developers to teams in sales, marketing, operations, customer relations, executive management, and even NGOs and political organisations. We wanted to create an app as easy to use as the simplest tools, yet powerful to enable teams to align towards the bigger goals of their organisation.

To realize our vision we partnered with top VC firm Creandum, raised USD10mm, and got to action. We now have built this new product called Favro, and we’re bringing agile to all – helping teams become hyper-adaptable and allowing organizations to become more organic in their way of working.

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