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C#/.NET Developer

Detta jobb är inaktivt och går inte att söka längre.

Om jobbet

As a senior developer you will have varying tasks, always with the aim of creating the best possible platform, which:

  • Facilitates a top quality gaming experience
  • Makes maximum use of available hardware
  • Provides a very high level of security for both players and casinos
  • Is flexible enough to work on the all the different types of markets we operate in
  • Maintains a stable and high quality.

We work in an agile manner and despite many and challenging external requests, many of the best ideas come from within our organization. What your work days will actually look like, is largely up to you!


An individual who is quality-conscious, organized, ambitious and well-informed on both the core principles as well as the latest trends in software development.To you, system(s) development is a passion and not just a profession. You thrive around talented coworkers, and you constantly strive for both large and small scale improvement.

As there are many paths to a goal, we care less about which particular road you may have travelled to get to us.

Perhaps you have:

  • Many years of relevant work experience as a developer
  • A University graduate level equivalent to M.Sc
  • Experience of working with complex hardware-related and performance-critical code
  • Logical abilities above and beyond the ordinary

Some examples of valuable knowledge are:

  • Windows client development
  • Programming in machine-oriented programming languages
  • OOD and patterns

Regardless of the path you have chosen to reach your high level of ability, we think it is important that you are humble, passionate about your profession and live by the ethos that the proof in the pudding.

Communication in the workplace happens in both Swedish and English. Fluent English in speech and writing is a must. We work primarily in C#/.NET, so related experience is an advantage, but not an absolute requirement – as someone of your stature quickly learns new languages ​​and frameworks.


In this recruitment process we are collaborating with Sigma Compleo. If you have any questions regarding the position you are welcome to contact the responsible recruitment consultant Susanne Hjälmered at +46 70 389 70 07 or by e-mail

Welcome with your application!

Do you want great freedom at work? A chance to make a difference and challenge yourself on a daily basis? To go to work and feel like you are walking home?

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Om företaget

Safer Society Group utvecklar tekniska bolag med målet att skapa ett tryggare och bättre samhälle. Bolagen under Safer Society Group har idag flera tekniska lösningar för att skapa ett tryggare samhälle och arbetar hela tiden för att hitta fler. Det handlar både om att utveckla nya IT-lösningar och att hitta områden där de befintliga lösningarna kan göra nytta. Det skulle kunna vara att bekämpa trafficking eller organhandel, eller lösa problem inom sjukvården. Och om det vore möjligt att lösa bristen på rent vatten i världen med en IT-lösning, så skulle vi kunna ta oss an det också. Läs mer om Safer Society Group och våra dotterbolag på:

Ett av våra dotterbolag, Griffeye, har världens främsta tekniska lösningar för att hantera utredningar med stora volymer av digital media. Lösningen kan effektivt bearbeta bild- och videomaterial och underlättar för användaren att analysera materialet genom sortering, filtrering och klassificering med hjälp av avancerade algoritmer. Bland Griffeyes kunder finns så väl lokala som nationella polismyndigheter, bland annat UK Home Office och Department of Homeland Security. Griffeye har även spännande tekniska samarbeten med forskningsvärlden och bolag över hela världen.

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