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Join Mpya Digital as a caring IT consultant!

We are a software development consultancy that values continuous learning and sharing culture to help you grow in your profession. We consult some of the most cutting-edge technology companies in Stockholm and Malmö, and around the world, in their development of new products and features. We believe that nurturing our passions is what makes both us and our clients successful. 

Who we are

Founded in January 2018, we are a team of 60+ tech enthusiasts and growing. We are devoted to creating value by writing code and constantly improving ourselves and those around us. For most of us our passions lie within the area of technology and development. But what makes us Mpya Digital is that we are not only passionate about writing code, we are also passionate about people. We want to be role models who dare to be courageous, caring and prestigeless.

As part of an autonomous team that we call 'crew', consisting of 4-10 individuals, you will belong to a supportive group that encourages personal and professional growth while maintaining a small and familiar feel. We are committed to ensuring that everyone feels seen, heard and valued – so that we can all thrive.

What you will do

As an IT consultant, you will deliver technical solutions at the highest level. We will work with you to tailor your assignments in one of the following areas: software development, data engineering, mobile development, scrum master, agile coaching, tech lead, product owner, engineering manager, DevOps, cloud, or your preferred direction. You will have the opportunity to work with cutting-edge tech companies in Stockholm and collaborate with the full force of the Mpya Digital's organization behind you.


  • Fluent in English
  • University Degree or translatable work experience
  • 4+ years of work experience related to software development
  • Based in Stockholm

Do you recognize yourself in the following?

  • Caring - You care about others, your client and the delivery, and are engaged in what you do.
  • Techy - You like problem-solving, and the tech industry is YOUR industry.
  • Better together - You believe that togetherness and inclusion are essential.

    We offer the tools, education, courses, mentorship, and challenges so that you can become wiser more skilled version of yourself. We believe in distributed leadership which means that you are a decision-maker and a leader. We also offer a unique salary model where you will self-assess your work and together with your crew decide your and your colleagues' salaries.

    Life is too short to work at a place that doesn’t bring you joy!

    Caring and confident consultants

    At Mpya Digital we have a unique learning and sharing culture which will make you more confident in your profession. This, in return, will enable you to deliver software development on the absolute highest level.

    We are a Stockholm-based tech consultancy, founded in January 2018 and are now a team of 77 people - and growing!

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