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Internship/Master Thesis student - Fuel Cell Catalyst

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About the job

At PowerCell Group, we are decarbonizing industries. We design, develop and manufacture hydrogen electric fuel cells and systems for aviation, propulsion, stationary, and marine applications. Our fuel cell systems have unparalleled power density, and the only emissions are water and heat. At our headquarters, located in Gothenburg, more than 120 employees work hard to deliver zero-emission solutions to customers around the world. We are growing fast and are always looking for new colleagues to add to our innovative, friendly, and ambitious culture.

We develop both fuel cell stacks and systems for various applications. The continuous improvement of efficiency, performance and durability is very important. Here the fuel cell catalysts play an important role. For an efficient support to our engineering process PowerCell is developing fundamental catalyst characterization tools. An appropriate method is here the rotating disk electrode (RDE), which is a well-known and effective technique to analyse and compare the activity and durability of electrocatalysts in lab scale without the influence of other components in a fuel cell. 

We are therefore looking for an Internship or Master Thesis Student to support us in the development process of our fuel cell catalyst evaluation capabilities at our development laboratory in Gothenburg.


Topic: Peroxide formation for PEM fuel cell catalysts

Background: The peroxide formation during PEM fuel cell operation causes a chemical stress for the polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) and is a challenge for the durability and lifetime of the PEM fuel cell membrane electrode assembly (MEA). The main source for the peroxide formation is the cathode catalyst layer and the oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) pathways.

Work description: The experimental part of the work includes development of an electrochemical test procedure using a rotating ring-disk electrode (RRDE), and measurements of peroxide for different PEM fuel cell cathode catalysts. Paper research around peroxide formation for PEM fuel cell cathode catalysts will provide a baseline for discussion around the experimentally obtained results.

Required qualifications:

  • Participation in a M.Sc. program in chemical engineering, materials science, or similar
  • Knowledge in electrochemistry
  • Self-driven, highly engaged, and motivated personality, with a strong problem-solving approach
  • In your work you have a high safety awareness and appreciate accuracy and precision
  • Fluent in English, both oral and written

Additional desirable qualifications:

  • Practical experience of laboratory work
  • Experience with the RDE method
  • PEM fuel cell knowledge / experimental experience
  • Swedish language skills
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