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Backend Developer

Detta jobb är inaktivt och går inte att söka längre.

First of all...

We're a bunch of people who're passionate about modern technologies and trends. We're building a Tech Team who want to invest time into creating a mature and scalable platform which we'll be proud of for years to come

Today we're around 40 backend developers at iZettle, and since we're creating all these new features and products which will keep pioneering the payment industry, we need more people!

What you will be doing

You'll be working with bleeding edge technologies, a distributed payments platform, third-party integrations, performance optimisation, APIs and security. In short, we do everything we can to make it as easy as possible for our merchants to run their business.

We believe in using the best tools for the task. We are continuously reviewing our tools, architecture and ways of working. The teams decide themselves which technologies to use, so you need to be open for new tools and frameworks. Today we work with Java 8, DropWizard, Wildfly, Docker, Ansible, Cassandra and PostgreSQL. We also host everything on Amazon Web Services.

Our self-directed teams are continuously looking for people with strong knowledge and expertise. We have a passionate, open and friendly culture. We're constantly reviewing our work, learning from each other, and sharing our knowledge.Let's revolutionise the payment industry together!

Openness keep us together

  • Perk: Competent and fun colleagues Competent and fun colleagues
  • Perk: Flextime Flextime
  • Perk: Interesting projects Interesting projects
  • Perk: New technologies New technologies
  • Perk: Hackathon Hackathon
  • Perk: Education Budget Education Budget
About us

In 2011, iZettle launched a mobile credit card reader designed to be used with just a smartphone or a tablet. This game-changing technology enabled businesses of any size to take card payments. Fast-forward to today, and we are the number one mobile payments provider in Europe and Latin America, with six international offices, and customers in 12 countries (maybe 13 by the time you read this).

Our success testifies to the passion of our 400+ strong team. We've made it our mission to create beautifully designed and engineered solutions that are accessible to all businesses - even the smallest.

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