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Web Developer

Detta jobb är inaktivt och går inte att söka längre.

Om jobbet

Successful edtech startup wants web developers. Join us in building intelligent cloud textbooks for the 21st century!

This is for you if you:

  • Strive for the biggest possible challenges
  • Are a web developer (backend or frontend) with a year or two of experience, interested in the latest web technology.
  • Would like your work to make everyday life better for students and teachers!
  • Would like to try working in a startup environment with passionate people that truly enjoy what they do. No uninspired colleagues or slow to move corporate bullsh t!
  • Think working in a place where boosting your skills as a developer is a genuine interest for the company sounds good!


As a web developer at Lanterna you’ll start off by working with either frontend or backend. Eventually you’ll expand into working with all parts of the platform, as a full stack developer. You’ll be writing maintainable, testable code with focus on readability and modularity, and will be an important part of a tight team. At Lanterna, every line of code you write will count and really make a difference for our students and teachers. We keep bureaucracy to a minimum and work close to our users.

You’ll work in an adaptive organization where it’s part of your job to learn new techniques and to continuously help improve our ways of working. You can look forward to working with highly skilled and dedicated colleagues that believe in doing code-reviews, pair-programming and that sharing is caring.


Lanterna Online is driven by a group of engaged and highly achieving individuals that love coming to work! Our goal is to make the day to day-life of our users, students and teachers, a little better and we hope you find this goal as exciting as we do.

To reach this goal, we use modern technology to give the textbook intelligence. We build adaptive learning algorithms, activity and suggestion engines, automated assessment tools, etc, all with the end user in focus.

We’re still a small company in its startup phase but we’re growing fast. Here, you’ll not be just another brick, what you do really makes a difference. No big corporate structure that is slow to change or kills creativity!

Lanterna being small also means we have a high interest in developing you as a person and developer, to help you become your very best. You’ll be assigned a personal mentor with many years of experience in development, that has a genuine interest in boosting your career. Eventually, we expect you to grow and take new responsibilities within the tech team.


We are looking for someone who might recently have graduated or that has a couple of years working experience. You are a “doer” that believes in quality and taking responsibility. You like speed, solving technical problems with code and getting things done. You have a structured way of working, collaborating and communicating.

Required skills - A relevant university degree (Bachelor/similar or higher) related to IT/computer science - Experience in frontend or backend: Javascript, HTML and CSS or Python, Ruby, Java or C# Git - Other skills that would be relevant Angular.js Django, Python Working with responsive websites - Experience from working with testing/QA, TDD/BDD (Postgre) SQL RabbitMQ, Celery

Om företaget

Lanterna Online is an international, fast growing startup that is set on improving teaching and learning at schools around the world. By providing teachers and students with interactive and adaptive e-learning, we are expanding the boundaries in the digital revolution of education. In time, we have the ambition of replacing the traditional textbook with our digital, intelligent textbook.

Lanterna Online has 20 full time employees, with offices in London and Stockholm, and customers in over 30 countries around the globe.

Uptrail AB • Katarinavägen 15, 116 45 Stockholm
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