Tyvärr har Tiptapp inga lediga tjänster just nu på Uptrail


Tiptapp is building a user-driven marketplace for instantly resolving a household's challenges with everyday logistics.

It is essentially an app where you hook up with other users who might be passing by and can give your things a ride somewhere or keep or recycle them, whatever you need. They might have the right means of transportation, the right tools or just an extra couple of hands to carry and move things for you. Stressed out consumers and small business owners can find another user that can help them out within minutes.

We as a team love to create new things. We love questioning status quo. Nothing is impossible. And we believe you as our new team member do that as well. As we are building a top tier start-up team we are of course really picky with values, interpersonal skills, and personality traits in general. Therefore we usually say we're looking for friends, people you want to hang out with, to have fun with and to create magic together with!

We also believe the secret ingredient in any successful startup is to work focused and to cherish the differences within the team and utilize its common strengths. This means not only that we'll have fun every day but also that we'll accomplish something far beyond the ordinary.