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Amazing Scrum Master for Dynamics 365 Blueprint Development

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About the job

Our team’s purpose is to harmonize the global IT landscape for Wholesale & Retail Administration by adapting Microsoft Dynamics 365. The ultimate goal is of course to have happy users who can use the power of software and data to make better decisions and, ultimately, support Scania’s journey in driving the shift towards sustainable transport solutions. To get there, we need to work together to find the best solutions for Scania and work with continuous improvements in our ways of working. We are looking for a servant leader who truly believes in the power of agile and self-managing teams.


As the amazing scrum master that you are, you are excellent at communicating with different types of people. We believe you are self-confident and that you are not afraid to question us and the organisation. By being fearless, you also lead by example in creating and keeping an exploratory work environment where we all feel free to try new things. All your knowledge about the agile mindset and ways of working makes you the natural person to turn to regarding guidance, and this is a role that you feel comfortable with.

Since we are a big ERP system, we would appreciate someone with a creative, agile mind to help us finding ways at improving our way of working together with our IT and business colleagues. You have an understanding about IT and perhaps even ERP systems, and therefore you have a good appreciation of the challenges the members of the team face on a daily basis.


We’re currently looking for an amazing scrum master to join the team and support us in our agile journey. While we have been working according to the scrum framework, we are always open to new ideas and perspectives to find the best fit for us.

As a scrum master you will have the usual scrum master responsibilities, supporting and coaching the team in the agile mindset. Apart from the standard responsibilities, you are quite free to shape the role according to the needs you find.

We work in quite a complex environment, both regarding the organisation and the system. There are lots of dependencies between the different modules and areas within Dynamics and we have many stakeholders with different requirements. While we try to keep it as standardized as possible, there is a fine line to find what should be customized and what shouldn’t. Since the agile way of working is still relatively new to us, we seek guidance and knowledge to take the next step.

We Offer

If you believe that this is the job for you, we offer a fun team to work with where we try and learn together within a complex environment where we also face challenges together.

For more information

Please contact Group manager Hanna Trolleberg +46 700 814 006, Scrum master Patrik Wielsma +46 765 166 426, or Senior manager Magnus Hellqwist +46 700 883 334


Your application contains a CV and a personal letter and documented qualifications. We interview continuously during the application period.

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Scania IT supports Scania in driving the shift towards sustainable transport systems by utilizing the power of software and data in all areas. Our direction is to increase automation and cross-functional, end-to-end work while using different abilities to empower the users, create energy and alignment within the company where we believe that talent makes a difference.

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Scania is a world-leading provider of transport solutions, including trucks and buses for heavy transport applications combined with an extensive product-related service offering. Scania offers vehicle financing, insurance and rental services to enable our customers to focus on their core business. Scania is also a leading provider of industrial and marine engines. In 2019, we delivered 91,700 trucks, 7,800 buses as well as 10,200 industrial and marine engines to our customers. Net sales totalled to over SEK 152 billion, of which about 20 percent were services-related. Founded in 1891, Scania now operates in more than 100 countries and employs some 51,000 people. Research and development are concentrated in Sweden, with branches in Brazil and India. Production takes place in Europe, Latin America and Asia, with regional production centers in Africa, Asia and Eurasia. Scania is part of TRATON SE.

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