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Backend Data Engineer

Detta jobb är inaktivt och går inte att söka längre.

About the job

 If you are an experienced backend developer with a keen interest in data while designing and building great, scalable and high performing products and also doing it for a good environmental cause, then we would love to talk to you about joining our Engineering Department and work with a team of highly driven developers to help make our backend ever more amazing. 

Having a single team responsible for all the data generated and exported by the platform would not scale. As the number of services we have grows, this team would have more and more pipelines, datasets, and features to maintain. They would also need to know all of the domains touched by every service on the platform.

For this reason, we want the teams to own the data their services generate while allowing for consistent and reliable exports to the rest of the company. The team’s responsibility would end once the data reaches the warehouse.

Extending the team’s responsibility in terms of data delivery would also encourage communication between backend engineers and consumers of the data.

For example, one pain point we currently have is when the structure of our exports change in time (ex: due to schema changes): integration from our data lake to the warehouse breaks.

We build our backend in Golang, but there is no requirement of previous experience in that language. We believe that good engineers can switch and learn new languages and technologies. We are using Microservices architecture to be as scalable as possible as we expand throughout Europe. We host everything on Google Cloud Platform and we also use Kubernetes. 


  • Build and design scalable and reliable backend for our various products
  • Working closely with our analysts and various internal business partners to ensure data needs are met
  • Ensure that acquisition and processing of data is working
  • Drive new ideas and initiatives regarding data, architecture, tools, and programming languages.
  • Identify, document and promote best practices


  • 5+ years of experience in backend engineering.
  • Love for exploring and understanding data
  • Used to work with Cloud infrastructure (GCP, AWS or Azure)
  • Experience in building systems with microservice architecture


  • Stream processing frameworks (such as Apache Beam or Apache Flink)
  • Experience in Golang
  • Experience with GCP (Google Cloud Platform)
  • Experience with analytical functions on SQL
  • Bachelor degree in Computer Science or related STEM


  • Work in a rapidly changing field
  • Work with a team of diverse, like-minded developers
  • Playing a critical role in the transformation of European transportation
  • Work close with the product and impact what it becomes

If you believe that you are the right fit, please do not hesitate to submit an application with your resume.


Launched in August 2018, Voi is a Swedish micro mobility company offering electric scooter sharing in partnership with cities and local communities around Europe. We believe that light electric vehicles can be part in changing how people move in cities by providing a more sustainable and fun solution to traditional transport modes. We want the transformation to happen in the right way—through innovation, open and transparent dialogue with cities and governments and by adapting to local needs. At Voi, we know that diversity fuels innovation & creativity and we welcome people from diverse backgrounds and experiences to take part in our journey. Join Voi and ride the future with us!


We believe that having a wide diversity of people with different backgrounds and perspectives within Voi is essential to our success in delivering the best user experience to our equally diverse user base. With employees from over 50 nationalities working within Voi, we believe we have made good progress but know we can still do more. Regardless of your gender, background or sexual orientation we welcome applications from whoever you are - what’s important for us is what skills and value you can bring to the Voi team. And of course that you’re a great Voi culture fit! Therefore we actively discourage any photos, personal letters or disclosure of any information that concerns other information than your professional experience.

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About VOI

VOI is a Scandinavian green mobility company offering electric kick scooter sharing in partnership with cities and local communities. We believe e-scooters can play a central role in changing how people move in our cities in the future.

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