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Platform Engineer to Zimpler in Gothenburg

Detta jobb är inaktivt och går inte att söka längre.

About the job

We need you, an experienced Platform Engineer to join our awesome family in central Gothenburg. How cool wouldn't it be to be able to figure out the infrastructure and platform set up for an entire company? To be able to pull the right strings and give everyone around you super-powers? And how cool wouldn't it be to find solutions and build proofs-of-concept in collaboration with colleagues from all over the organization? And how cool wouldn't it be to be the one that lifts hurdles when others are hindered or slowed down? To deliver things super quickly but also being super chill about it!

What you do

Here's the thing: Zimpler is growing fast! We have more transactions per minute, more features to deliver, more developers to onboard, more teams working in parallel — and we've just moved over to using micro-services! We already have a lot of lovely things in place: automated tests and deploy, everything runs in containers with centralized logging and alerting — but we still have a long journey ahead of us to reach DevOps heaven! That's why we need your help.

As an experienced Platform Engineer in the platform team, you will:

  • Build a platform to empower all product teams
  • Set up shared tools for monitoring, tracing and alerting
  • Collaborate with other teams to find infrastructure solutions
  • Maintaining and improving our shared infrastructure

Basically, everything you deliver makes the whole company more efficient, so all your efforts will pay off tenfold! And since you'll join a small team, you'll have a massive impact on everything! Expect a bit of challenge in return though… wink We're all in this together though, and we always have each other's back!

Otherwise, we run basically everything on AWS, and we set up everything through Terraform. At the moment, we have a couple of dozen micro-services being deployed on Fargate, we have automated builds in Travis and automated deploys using Code Pipeline, all the logs are centralized on CloudWatch and streamed to Elastic Search + Kibana for debugging. Since this summer, we also have a Kafka cluster serving as our central event log for transactions (we use Amazon's MKS of course).

TL;DR? Here's a technical bullet point list to gush over:

  •  AWS
  •  Terraform
  •  Docker
  • Fargate
  • Kafka
  • ElasticSearch
  • Continuous Testing & Deploys
Where we want to go

Here's what we're aiming at:

  • get our deploy time from commit to production under 12min (we're at about 30min right now)
  • setup distributed tracing (we've got some basic structure with AWS X-Ray)
  • replace load balancers with a service mesh (also figure out what that means)
  • speed up onboarding and setting up new apps
Recruitment process

In this recruitment process, Zimpler is cooperating with Wise IT. Interviews and applications will be handled continuously, so please send in your application as soon as possible. Looking forward to meeting you!

About the company

Zimpler provide a complete In and Out payment solution for online services. That means we take care of identifying the user on behalf of our merchants, and process their payments and withdrawals through debit card, bank transfers and other preferred payment methods. We pulled off our first 1 SEK transaction from the attic that was our tiny Gothenburg office, with half a window, a slanted ceiling and barely any room to stand. But we had a goal: becoming the nicer player in the ruthless world that is the finance industry. A few months later, we signed our first deal, and we’ve been hell-bent on being the nicer (if somewhat underdog) player in the online payment industry ever since.

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