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Detta jobb är inaktivt och går inte att söka längre.

Om denna position

We believe you’ve already worked with digital analysis and tracking, and you are of course bitten by the data bug in general. You love to find correlations for optimizations. What you don’t already know, you’re eager to learn, because data rules everything around us (right?). Perhaps you’ve worked a while, or you’re fresh outta school, it doesn’t really matter to us as long as you display that little extra sumthin’ sumthin’ that makes people at Trickle super heroes. Any skill requirements, you might ask? Well, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager (duh!). Adobe Analytics doesn’t hurt, neither does a basic knowledge of Javascript (and/or other coding languages) or visualization tools (Google Data Studio, Klipfolio, Tableau, whatever!). If you also know your way around SEO, SEM and social media marketing you’re gonna look pretty swell to us.

  • Identifying data and touch points, KPI’s and metrics for our campaigns and/or clients websites.
  • Tracking implementation, mostly through Google Tag Manager for analytics and digital ads.
  • Reporting, both through via visualization tools or Keynote.
  • Run through findings and analysis from campaigns with clients and our internal team.
  • Develop Trickle’s analytical products, and assist in new business pitches and developing existing clients.
  • Assist in planning and running campaigns on social media and Google Ads.

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Trickle has grown out of a fundamental excitement for all things web and social media. Ah, how we romanticize the web and it’s weirdly democratic eco system! We’re a fun and fast paced band of distributors who execute wonders on a daily basis. We believe your overall well being, where you work and who you work with are just as important as the what and the how. Read more about being part of Trickle here:

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