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Detta jobb är inaktivt och går inte att söka längre.

About the job

Prototyp is a code lab building digital products for innovative companies. Our goal is to be a truly happy place for developers. Fun, meaningful and challenging projects are more important to us than ping-pong tables and bean bags. That’s why we focus on getting in early on new technologies. It lets us spend more time on greenfield adventures and less time in drawn-out support jobs.

We are a small, diverse and passionate collection of talented individuals. We believe in having our own culture and being one team. That’s why we all work together in one cozy office. That way, you can share your experience of that new cool CSS framework, while getting help with that weird database migration error from someone who had the same issue last week.

At Prototyp it’s a no-brainer to have a rewarding and fun job, without sacrificing your free time. A 40-hour workweek should mean a 40-hour workweek, even when you're working in tech.

Although we’re small, we try to do what we can to make a positive impact on the environment - like making all company bought meals vegetarian. And when you start at Prototyp, you take a CO2 emissions test so we can offset your entire work climate footprint.

Twice a year we hold a special weeklong hackathon. We press pause on all our regular projects and try out new tech to sharpen our digital prototyping skills. We start by going away together for a creative weekend, with the goal of coming up with ideas that both let us learn something new and produce some kind of interesting result in one week. Sometimes it's a crazy IoT idea, a machine learning experiment, or a weird block-chain endeavour. Other times it's a React-Native app for talking to cats. Whatever the idea, it’s all about trying out new stuff that you haven’t had the chance to work with before. These weeks are one of the things that make our developers stand out from the crowd.

About you

You have one or a few years experience in coding with modern web languages and frameworks. You have a favourite stack, but most importantly you're good at learning and you enjoy trying out new tech. You're looking for a place where your creativity and love for stylish code can flourish. You keep it tidy and work agile. You believe that planning your work properly and being clear about difficulties makes overtime unnecessary. It also gives you the peace and quiet to enjoy your work.

An important part in growing with us is learning from our experienced Tech Leads. In our projects they assume the responsibilities of solutions architect, scrum master and client contact all-in-one. As soon as you feel ready, we want you to try out this role and grow into it with the right support structures around you.

About the role

Here’s what you could have been up to the last 6 months, had you been working at Prototyp:

  • Built a beautiful data-visualisation platform using React, GraphQL and D3.
  • Created an exercise game with Fitbits, where the player’s pulse controls the game.
  • Started from scratch on a complex quiz-app in Elixir and Phoenix
  • Worked with voice interactions and the next generation interview experience on the Furhat physical robot platform and their Kotlin SDK.
  • Worked on a unique authentication service for single-sign-on in .NET.
  • Created a safety app for construction workers in React-Native.
  • Codified deep accessibility requirements for a governmental website.

Apart from the development, we have some optional social activities and benefits that we think you would enjoy every week. Like 1,5h paid exercise time, Monday morning breakfasts, dev-forums with coffee and demo-Fridays with drinks. We also have monthly lunch lectures of a technical nature, an education budget to spend on yourself, and planned after-work activities like board-game evenings or escape rooms.

  • Perk: Competent and fun colleagues Competent and fun colleagues
  • Perk: Responsibility Responsibility
  • Perk: Hackathon Hackathon
  • Perk: Interesting projects Interesting projects
  • Perk: New technologies New technologies
  • Perk: Bonus Bonus
About us

Prototyp is a code lab building digital products for companies who want to break new ground. We think it's a no-brainer that you should be able to have a fun, meaningful, and challenging job without sacrificing your free time. 

We specialize in being brave generalists and have delivered a wide range of projects, from HoloLens apps to Kickstarter prototypes.

Founded in 2011 with offices in Stockholm, Barcelona, and most recently Uppsala, we're a company of around 40 people who believe that a healthy work environment creates happy employees. And that this in turn results in great projects. 

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