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We're looking for a GO-developer!

Detta jobb är inaktivt och går inte att söka längre.

Om jobbet

Wouldn't it be super sweet to get to build an outstanding product, overcome hurdles together with colleagues that got your back and work in a small team that manages to deliver great UX at a supersonic pace while being really chill about it? Oh, and to get that feeling of shared ownership, responsibility and pride because your projects make people happy. Mh-mmm... a tasty feeling indeed.

Here's the deal: as a GO-developer at Zimpler you'll have full autonomy of the projects you are a part of. You'll work in a small (< 6) cross-functional team with a product owner, designers, data scientists, marketing experts and other developers, where you will have a genuine impact on the team's decisions.

I mean, just look at this bullet point list:

  • You will enable users to control their financial well being
  • Work in a start-up with a strong product focus
  • Work in an autonomous team that owns their particular customer journey
  • Work in the most charming environment that ever was available in the entire universe of central Göteborg (I mean our city-offices are like super cozy and really central)
  • You and your team will be able to get some honest to god work done. And you decide how.
  • OT: You get to do yoga every monday!

Note that we have the DevOps mentality: as a team, you figure out the specs, you figure out the UI, you write the code, you ship it and you make sure it works and that your users are happy!

What would you work on then you might ask?
You'd join our Long Bow team and be responsible for developing all our portals: Merchant Portal, End User Portal, Customer Support Portal and so on. It will include both some data crunching in the backend and serious front-end work.

The goal is to create intuitive interfaces that make our users happy — in short: get them all the info they need without overwhelming them. It's also about building the data pipes necessary to present that info to them (we have a centralized Kafka event log that you'll need to aggregate data from and put back onto).

You will be joining as an experienced full-stack developer, writing Go code in the backend and TypeScript+React in the front-end while deploying everything on Amazon using Docker and Fargate. Don't worry, we got all the basics covered (everything is on Github, we have automated tests & deploys, centralized logging et cetera), just pull up a chair and do you.

So, are you hyped or even just a little bit curious?
Talk to us! We don't bite too often (just avoid full moons, Halloween, Friday the 13th and Christmas).

Om företaget

Zimpler is a solution for in and out payments. Watch the video How Zimpler works if you want to understand more about our product.

We are a midsize company based in Gothenburg and Stockholm, growing each year.

If your dream job is not listed here, send us an email or connect with us and get notifications when new jobs become available.

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