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Frontend Developer for fintech startup

Detta jobb är inaktivt och går inte att söka längre.

About the job

We're looking for a great frontend developer with experience in UX, React and modern web development. 

You'll be working on our website, customer facing web-app and mobile application. That means not only hands on coding, but also actively contributing to the system architecture and product design - an open and curious mind is key. We’re building the foundations of something truly big and are moving at a quick pace, so it’s extra important you write clean and readable code. HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and particularly React are the stuff you’re made of, but it helps if you’re also familiar with GraphQL, code bundlers and Node.js.

Web development is evolving rapidly and it can be tough to navigate through the ecosystem, so prior work experience is highly valued. That being said, character and startup culture fit almost always trump knowledge - we’re moving fast and so are you.

To wrap things up just a couple more keywords in no particular order that are no requirements, but might peak your interest (they’re certainly on our mind):

  • UI component libraries
  • Modular CSS (e.g. styled-components)
  • Server-Side Rendering
  • React Native
  • Data Visualization & d3.js

Don’t be shy and get in touch! We’d love to have a look at anything you might haven’t coded up in your spare time or just have a friendly chat.

  • Perk: New technologies New technologies
  • Perk: Competent and fun colleagues Competent and fun colleagues
  • Perk: Interesting projects Interesting projects
  • Perk: Team work Team work
  • Perk: Stock opportunities Stock opportunities
  • Perk: Company trips Company trips
About Anyfin

Anyfin is a thriving startup based in Sweden making it dead simple to save money on instalments and credit cards. Putting a stop to overpriced financial products and capturing generations feed up with traditional banks.

We are a small but fast-growing team of 40 co-workers specializing in design, programming, artificial intelligence, customer success and credit underwriting.

Working for Anyfin is an exciting journey, where we are all close to the decisions and what’s going on in the company. We constantly explore new ways, fail fast and challenge to improve. We never settle.

Anyfin is a great place to work because:

  • Our interests are in alignment with the customers’. We truly care for people, which means they can trust us without a doubt. We would never do anything we wouldn’t want ourselves.
  • Technology is king, we want to do it right from the start: agile, modular and on the forefront of innovation.
  • The time from idea to reality is short and we all contribute to the company success.
  • We are a team of ambitious, competent and kind people.

Together with strong financial backing, it's a pretty sweet deal

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