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Lead Backend Utvecklare

Detta jobb är inaktivt och går inte att söka längre.


Vi är på väg att släppa en helt ny plattform, väldokumenterad och där vi gjort ett gediget jobb med tester och andra applikationer för att skala vår utveckling till nästa nivå. Nu saknas bara några till personer. Välkommen in i värmen!

Vi har långsiktiga mål med vårt team så resan slutar inte med att sitta med samma sak i flera år.

Om denna position

Vi letar efter en utvecklare som brinner för sitt yrke och har erfarenhet av att arbeta med webbprojekt. Vi vill ha någon som har ett passionerat intresse för kod; någon som gillar att lära sig nya saker; och den typ av person som gillar att leverera topplösningar.

Att vara en del i vårt team innebär att samarbeta med människor som inte bara brinner för sitt arbete utan också om allt från argentinsk tango, musikaler, sushiburritos, serietidningar, countrymusik, bordtennis - you name it.

Det finns ingen idé som är för galen och ingen uppgift för liten - vi arbetar tillsammans för att göra saker vi kan bli stolta över.

General expectations

  • Great interest in web development
  • Solid capabilities within HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Know a decent amount of different coding languages.
  • Several years of experience working with web projects. Either self-taught or at work.
  • Ability to work in a small agile team with the ambition to scale up.
  • Experience with a Scrum workflow.

Qualifications and skills if you are primarily backend

  • Experience with object-oriented PHP within any major framework (Phalcon, Laravel, CakePHP, CodeIgniter or Zend).
  • Experience with node.js platform.
  • Knowledge of RESTful API development in PHP.
  • Experience working with Elasticsearch and Logstash.
  • Experience working with AWS infrastructure.
  • Experience writing and maintaining integration and unit tests in PHPUnit.
  • Knowledge of Nginx and other basic devops skills using a Linux shell.

Good to know

  • You can start last week.
  • You can stay as long as you want.


We offer you a fully equipped working space and if something would help you to sleep better, feel better or just be better, we figure that out as well

Location, Location, Location

Stockholm, Sweden. Our offices are nestled in the active and growing downtown area of Stureplan in Stockholm. Penthouse Office with the best view in Town!

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Ocast - The marketplace for the media industry.
The marketplace for the media industry

Ocast was started in 2014 by Eric Gisaeus who had extensive experience in sales in the media industry. At the time, he was selling ads to publishers online. What struck him was that they always had such nice powerpoints and PDFs when they presented to him what their target groups, statistics and unique selling points was like. Which he would then pass on to advertisers and agencies. The problem was that you had to book a meeting with a customer to present this nice presentation. All presentations looked different, had different unique selling points, target groups and their way of selling. Another complex problem was to get through in the noise of all competitors. A problem was also the accessibility, the distribution of a presentation to reach many customers but also to get an advertiser and agency to understand all these different advertising solutions.

There was something wrong, something felt outdated. An industry cannot work this inefficiently if it is to survive, he thought. Wouldn't it be better if a medium uploads their information on a platform so everyone can see it? Especially the advertisers and agencies around the clock!

That was the start of Ocast.

Right from the start 6 years ago, Ocast aimed to highlight online publishers in a world where large global platforms are attracting more and more attention. Now, 6 years later, it has never been more important. Ocast plays an important role for serious media who want to show off and simplify the window to advertisers and agencies. Now also with the ability for an advertiser or agency to quickly make a business request.

Gustav Thuman - CEO Ocast
"The medium has a target group to sell. Advertisers want to buy the opportunity to talk to the target group. How should this be done to achieve the best effect based on your company's needs? There are many ways to talk to the target audience, there are just as many needs. What do you want to achieve with your campaign, what challenges does your brand or your product have? Tell Ocast, get help and suggestions for solutions right away ". 😃

Simply put, a marketing manager often thinks; facebook, google and a couple of well-known brands in the local market. By local market we mean a country or town, for example Sweden. It is precisely these local media houses, publishers, podcasts and other channels that are the cornerstone of each country's media industry. Without these media, important journalism and other useful information from the internet will fall. Ocast contributes to their livelihood, which includes selling ads.

It is therefore important that the local media get a chance to show their fantastic offer. Often when they do this, business is created, because they are really good advertising solutions and good messengers of advertising. Ocast is there to highlight, simplify and understand a medium so that it is easier to buy ads from them - Create business requests.

We want to create more interactions between ad sellers and ad buyers.

In 2019, several hundred million kronor flowed through the Ocast platform. Everything from quotes, calls and contact with the media connected to Ocast.

Ocast's vision and goal is to become the world's largest completely independent marketplace for media, influencers and all conceivable media channels. We have an important task ahead of us and believe that our part in the ecosystem is needed and appreciated.

Want to know more about how Ocast works? Please contact us.

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