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Detta jobb är inaktivt och går inte att söka längre.

Om jobbet

We’re now on the lookout for a Lead Developer to join our growing team. The position is ideal for someone who is technology agnostic, extremely driven and most importantly excited about bringing beautiful and innovative interactive projects to life together with a variety of other creative people.

Your role
As a lead developer you will head up the development department, working closely with other developers, designers, creatives and producers on projects ranging from campaign sites for clients to Radons own start up initiatives. A part from a lot of actual coding your will be responsible for the execution, making decisions on technologies and the overall quality of the work.

You will also be central in building and developing the interactive team, as well as being a part of the creative process from idea and concept.

What you will be doing - Be a part of the concept phase when developing ideas. - Scope projects in pre-production together with producers and creative directors. - Decide on technologies used for a given project. - Have an holistic view of the roadmap for interactive projects. - Lead the development team. Make sure everyone delivers quality code and a great user experience. - Research new technologies and concepts. - Coding. A lot of coding.

Who you are - You have a love for code and everything digital. - You are a leader.
- You like to work in a team and teach, motivate and learn from others. - A strong visual appreciation and good taste. - You have a meticulous attention to detail. - You are social and fun to be around. - You are experienced in a variety of programming languages and technologies. - You have experience working in a diverse set of projects. - You love to learn new things and be challenged with new problems to solve. - You can jump between creating animations in Javascript to setting up a server for deployment to writing a killer API. - Great work ethic and not afraid to get your hands dirty.
- Fluent in English.

Hard facts - At least 5 years of professional experience. - A collection of projects to show (contributions to open source projects is a plus). - Expert knowledge of programming and programming concepts. - Fluent in HTML, CSS, Javascript. - Fluent in PHP, Python, Ruby or similar languages. - Solid knowledge of React, AngularJS, EmberJS or similar frameworks - Solid knowledge of Django, Laravel, Rails or similar frameworks. - Comfortable with server infrastructure, linux and working with databases. - A solid understanding of developing for the web. - Experience with iOS and/or Android is a plus.

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Om företaget

We call ourselves a creative agency – our word for a hybrid of an advertising agency, a production house, a creative incubator and a private restaurant. We put designers, animators, programmers and planners next to each other instead of separated by different company walls – enabling us to both think bold ideas and have the creative power to execute them.

We’ve grown out of an underdog mentality, changing and evolving constantly. As an employee you will be part of that. If you like hierarchies, prestige and calm or if you like working in a department with only people doing the exact same thing as you – you probably should look elsewhere.

Most people seem to like working here. We’re nice guys and girls between 18-34 years, spread over 8 nationalities. We host parties, trips, sports, yoga, film society, poker, ping pong, a pretty neat office – to name a few perks. Speaking of perks. Our lovely chef makes awesome food in the office all days of the week. Healthy and deadly addictive. Say goodbye to the lunch box or restaurant.

We also have to admit. We’re a bit special in the advertising scene. Our primary goal is not to win all the advertising prizes that the world has to offer or do great case videos – it is doing great stuff. Sometimes those intervene, sometimes they don’t. Substance over flash we call it and we’re looking for people who share that mindset.

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