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Detta jobb är inaktivt och går inte att söka längre.

Om jobbet

You’re a creative monster. You live to challenge current norms, fix things that aren’t broken and find great ways to communicate your ideas. You have the confidence to explore and promote your own visions. You understand how and why boldness, innovation and creativity can help clients reach their goals.

As a creative at Oakwood you will work in interdisciplinary teams together with designers, technologists, strategists and suits (without suits). You’ll also work directly with clients and pitch for new businesses. You will creatively guide and contribute to projects from idea to final execution. Refine concepts and designs together with the whole team. As Oakwood is a growing family you will have the possibility to use your talent and visionary thinking to evolve your career as well as Oakwood as a company. Your curiosity and experience has left you with excellent skills, plus a broad understanding of digital production and storytelling. You are no stranger to online strategy and digital production. Maybe you even like words more than pictures. But what’s most important is your creativity and that you have a fearless way of thinking. We are interested in what you have done, but even more interested in what you aspire to do in the future.

WHAT YOU BRING TO THE TABLE: - Experience from a creative agency. - Excellent understanding of communication principles. - An interest in psychology, anthropology, emotion and play. - An interest in new technologies, services and how they affect life and business. - Great understanding of brand identities, brand strategies and brand movement. - A curious nature. - Great people skills. - Ability to work independently and within a group. - Well spoken Swedish and English.

WHY YOU WANT TO COME TO OUR TABLE: - Epic opportunity to become an essential part of a growing agency. - Freedom to pursue future clients and shape projects. - Chance to work in a tight team of world class designers and developers. - You believe technology will change the industrial, economical and social environment a.k.a. the future. - You share our ambition to take digital communication to the next level. - We have ambition, vision and lots of energy. - Working with us is fun!

Om företaget

We’re a full service marketing agency with a digital DNA. We make brands loved, services popular and products sold out.

We’re a bunch of 20+ happy heads. We’re developing strategies, telling stories, designing commercial art and coding cool stuff in an open environment. Our roles are organically intertwined and we bring the full set of skills to the table from day one. That way we can solve our clients’ business problems the best way possible, and give them the most thwacke! pow! and kablamm! for the buck.

Since 2006 we’ve made digital flagship stores, visual identities, top listed apps, interactive installations and everything in between. And we’ve been greatly rewarded with champagne from our clients and statuettes from some of the world’s biggest award shows.

Despite our digital heritage our approach is very human. We neither see clients or consumers as cash cows, but simply as the people they actually are. People who talk and walk and think and feel and want to achieve something in life. That way we can understand their true driving forces and make something truly engaging and useful, instead of making them buy something they’ll regret. Because in an ever-changing environment, a long lasting relation built on trust is one of the most valuable assets one can own. That’s why we call ourselves Oakwood.

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