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Om denna position

Interaction designers creates the experiences and structure of how the content is organized from sketching to flows to prototypes to execution. The goal? To help users find the right information and support the experiences intentions.

Interaction Design @ Making Waves

At Making Waves you routinely work on a variety of projects that integrate digital designs into services and products. Working at Making Waves means you’ll want to tackle all aspects of the design process from user research to physical and digital prototyping in creating a service or product for the client.

When starting a project at Making Waves, interaction designers must ensure every product and/or experience meets people’s actual needs.

Should the experience go beyond mere functionality? Should the experience please or even delight those who use it? Does it make life better? These types of questions are  relevant to and what occupies interaction designers with us at Making Waves and, what we say makes design, a human-centered discipline. In other words, interaction designers at Making Waves ensure that the user experiencer will be: at worst, merely pleasant, and at best, utterly delightful. 

 The right person for the role is mid to  senior in your craft  with a focus and passion for UX/interaction design. You love workin as part of a team, delivering your best together with others to come to the best solution. 

 Who are we looking to hire?

  • that someone who has + 3 years of working experience with a focus on interaction design
  • has an incurable curiosity relating to all things design, technology, and science.
  • has a passion for creating products and services that resonate emotionally with people.
  • aim to grow your skills within interaction design

 For the role, we expect you to bring the following competencies:

  • Creative thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Team oriented mindset
  • Experience with GUI concepts, wireframing, visual interface design and/or sketching experiences.
  • Ability to prototype digital products, services and experiences in different fidelities and for different purposes.
  • A positive” can do” attitude 

Typical Deliverables: Wireframes, Prototypes, Storyboards, Sitemap, User Test, Define Experience Flows, Information Architecture, QA Test Plan.

Does this way of working and thinking on interaction design speak to you? Please upload your CV/linked in profile and Portfolio to us.

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We are Making Waves

Making Waves, a full-service digital agency, with hubs in Stockholm, Oslo and Krakow, helps companies become digital industry leaders, both by developing their existing business and by creating new revenue streams.

What we can offer you

Every morning we offer breakfast at the office. In the office we have flexible working hours, a relaxed working environment and great colleagues. More so, we have our own personal trainer, chiropractor and masseur. We usually go on a business trip once a year to get inspired. Since we want our employees to be the best at their profession we back them up with an educational grant.

  • An exciting job in a welcoming and inspiring multinational environment
  • An attractive salary package and pension scheme with several extra benefits such as breakfast every day, chiropractor and personal trainer during office hours
  • Time and money for self-development and personal growth
  • Flexibility and a healthy work-life balance
  • Team of 75+ (Stockholm office) curious, driven and humble colleagues

Does this sound like the right place to be for you?

Get in touch with recruiter in charge: or simply apply directly through the job post.

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Detta jobb är inaktivt och går inte att söka längre.

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