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The role

As a recruiter at Detectify, you will be central to this expansion, both within Sweden and the US. You will be part of the HR-team and work closely with everyone from developers to the CEO. You will be the driving force in our recruitment cycle and help us to maintain and continually improve a scalable strategy and process for growth. This means partnering up with hiring managers to define and understand their recruitment needs, help them search for the right talent and then guide everyone through our recruitment process in an efficient and professional way. You will also conduct in-depth interviews with potential candidates. To make sure that recruitment is a collaborative process within Detectify, you will lead and develop training for our colleges that take part in the recruitment process.

Apart from performing search, interview candidates and being responsible for the quality of our recruitment process, we are also looking for someone that wants to take a broader perspective on talent acquisition. This means being a part of building and executing our digital employer branding strategy and aligning it with the company's culture and identity. We encourage you to find creative and effective ways to build and maintain our relationships with potential top talent, both for immediate hire and for long time relations, online and in real life.

For us, it is important that you, as our new team member, have a natural ability to build relationships. We think that you are always interested to learn new things and share that knowledge with others. Lastly, we think that you are someone that have an outgoing and prestigeless personality and is someone that loves cooperation.

Apply now

If you are looking for a role within recruitment where you get to be a part of building and shaping the future of a fast-growing top-ranked start-up that values knowledge sharing, we're the place! If you feel that this is you, we look forward to getting your application right away!

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What we do at Detectify

Detectify was born from the simple idea that the Internet is broken. Our founders are among the best ethical hackers in the world. They have found critical vulnerabilities at tech giants like Google, Facebook, and Dropbox and used their hacker knowledge to build an advanced domain and web application security scanner that is used by companies such as Spotify, Trello, and KING.

We also collaborate with a global network of handpicked white-hat hackers who continuously provide us with valuable security research. Our crowd-based security network allows us to bring in the best independent security researchers in the world and automate their findings into our tool.

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