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Om jobbet

We at Detectify believe that developing awesome software is one of the best things in the world. But awesome software needs to run on awesome infrastructure. Therefore we have set out to extend our team with a really good Sysop.

So imagine that you have this infrastructure, built on AWS with CloudFormation and Ansible to make things as easy as possible. Imagine that most of the servers are running Ubuntu and the servers that don’t, runs CoreOS, of course. Within a couple of minutes you can get a base replica up and running without problems. Nginx, RabbitMQ and Postgres; everything configured and ready to be used. Sounds smooth?

To make it even smoother we should tell you that we run Docker to manage our distributed architecture.

Let’s add that all this is used in an environment that is constantly exposed to new releases from our development team. A team building a security service with a continuous deployment way of thinking. So not only do you have the continuous code releases to handle, your infrastructure is always the prime target for other hackers to break into.

What if we would add the need to add a secondary site; together with a totally new cloud operator.

How would you like to monitor, log and manage our infrastructure? How would you make it scale when we keep on growing?

If you think this sounds like fun, don’t hesitate to apply!

Om företaget

Go hack yourself.

Detectify is a SaaS based website security scanner that will help you stay safe. We audit your site’s security so you can focus on web development.

Our website security scanner is based on white hat hacker knowledge. It checks for +100 possible attacks including OWASP Top 10. We constantly update our scanner for new vulnerabilities to make sure that your site stays safe.

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