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C++ developer to Starcounter

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Do you want to revolutionize the enterprise software industry?

Imagine working together with some of the brightest and most creative persons within IT. We are a group of software engineers and business visionaries with a mission. We know that software development can be much faster and much easier and that software applications can perform much faster. Together with us, you as a C++ developer will build the next generation middleware.

Working at Starcounter

We are looking for a C++ Developer with a great sense of code taste and soft skills to our query processing technology team (database core).

You are passionate about recent developments in C++; you value concise, readable, maintainable but fast code. You strive to take a next step in your proficiency by working on a complex software project. You are also keen on helping and teaching others, while wish to be unbound in using the most modern tools and libraries. If that is the case, Starcounter is a great place for you!

You will be focused on

  • Daily work with Starcounter's query processing engine (QP). This component embodies regular capabilities of an in-memory database: standard SQL queries, query planning and optimisation, query compilation into machine code (LLVM). It also encompasses the recent research in databases, including incremental view maintenance and deductive queries. It is being developed by a team of 4 people, 2 are PhD in databases. The QP code is performance-critical, being high-level and algorithmiс at the same time.
  • Ownership for a particular chunk of QP code as a direct developer, while overseeing and improving the entire query processor codebase. This involves reviews of your teammates code, pair programming sessions, architecture sessions at a whiteboard.
  • Be involved and facilitate the use of QP APIs inside the Starcounter platform code.

You will start with on of these

  • Improve parts of the existing code. Identify legacy low-level abstractions leaking into high-level C++ algorithmic code. Fix this design by introducing low-to-zero-cost abstractions into the code.
  • Review QP data access API and improve it for the usability outside of QP.
  • Improve composability and modularity of a query transformation step.
  • Perform weekly code reviews of QP in a team briefing session.

Our partner in this recruitment is Wise IT. If you want to learn more, please contact Recruitment Consultant Anton Hänni at 0739-61 30 43 or send a mail to

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Our Vision

The Starcounter platform lets you playfully combine many micro apps into large business systems. This will forever change the fundamentals of the trillion-dollar enterprise software market dominated by giants. We know that software development and applications can be much faster and much easier. With the help from our proficient R&D team, who range from PhDs in computer science to self-taught whiz kids, we create the next generation of middleware.

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