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Senior System Developer

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Om jobbet
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Senior System Developer 

Would you like work within Tacton Professional Services?
Do you want to work in a world leading, fast growing and international company? Tacton’s customers operate rapidly and globally and so do we. Tacton is a Swedish company with the headquarter in the city center of Stockholm, but we consider the entire globe to be our daily workplace.

About the role as Senior System Developer – key responsibilities
As a Senior System Developer, you will be provided a central role with great insight into world leading manufacturing configuration. You will be implementing solutions for our customers worldwide using Tacton's own CPQ configuration product.

 You will be part of our Professional Services team. Working in development projects varying of subject and size, you will implement customer requirements using our creation & maintenance framework and other commonly used development tools. You will join a great team consisting of project consultants, 3D artists and project managers with different backgrounds and seniority levels. As a team, we constantly learn by sharing knowledge with each other.

 Project implementation at Tacton consist typically of a design-phase where we focus on scoping and solutioning, an integration phase where configuration models are set, visual assets implemented and customer specific customization on products or interfaces is done. During the test phase, you will support in solving reported issues and ensure high quality delivery. Throughout the whole project process, you will be part of an international team working close with the customer and several internal functions. 


Your profile - Education, experience and skills required
We pay particular attention to personal eligibility, and as a consultant at Tacton, you are intrigued with logical problem-solving challenges and eager to find the best solution for the customer, often in close cooperation with the customer and your consultant colleagues.

You are always seeking to understand how things work and how they relate to each other. You are both a great team player that enjoys working in challenging projects as well as being able to work more independently and still deliver with great quality.

As a person, you are a problem solver with analytical skills and constantly aspire to find better ways of working. You thrive in a changing environment and have the ability to persistently drive and adopt to changes. Your service-minded and proactive approach inspires others to grow and perform according to business priorities.


You also meet the requirements of having:

  •  A Master of Science degree, preferably in computer science, data or mechanical engineering, with strong academic results. 
  • Several years of experience from working as a consultant in different companies and working with several different customers, preferably with both SW development and system integration.
  • An interest in IT and business software, such as ERP, CRM, PLM/PDM and CAD.
  • A general broad problem-solving mindset and curious in learning new things.
  • Long experience from working in projects.
  • A love for working with people from different cultures and facing customers in exciting new opportunities and solving the customers problem together, not only doing “back-office coding”.
  • The ability to understand and realize customer requirements and turn them into creative solutions, as well as being able to explain to the customer how to best utilize the solutions.
  • The ability to appreciate the details of which a solution consists at the same time as having a holistic view.
  • Good communicative and social skills and a natural ability to take initiative.
  • Adequate skills in spoken and written English. Other language skills are beneficial.


We also believe that you have 5-8 years of previous experience and strong competence within:

  • SW development and programming in general and especially within Java. If you also know .Net, Camel and AWS it is even more meriting.
  • Backend development, but also Frontend development (CSS, Javascript, web design and/or graphical design) knowledge is meriting.
  • Business System Integration (ERP, CRM, PDM, PLM, etc). Experience within SAP and Salesforce is a plus.
  • Experience from working with cloud solutions.
  • Configuration and modelling would be meriting.


What we at Tacton can offer you
Tacton is an innovative company, already the world leader as well as one of the fastest growing companies in our field – advanced sales and product configuration. We operate globally and have offices in Sweden (Stockholm), Germany (Karlsruhe and Bochum), USA (Chicago) and Poland (Warsaw). You will have the opportunity to be part of our team based on cooperation, engagement and competent colleagues.

 As an employee at Tacton you will have a great chance for development in an organization that values teamwork and also promotes individual growth. We offer a truly global and open environment working with the latest technology to solve important and complex problems in the manufacturing industry for our customers. We offer flexible working conditions and our teamwork is based on knowledge sharing and professional respect. Our office in Stockholm is located very centrally approximately 200 meters from Stockholm central station.

 Most importantly, we have a great time together. All the above mentioned is reflected in Tacton’s three value words: Cooperation, Competence and Engagement.


Apply for the role as Senior System Developer Consultant
At Tacton we see diversity as a strength and therefore strive for a balance between nationalities, men and women at all positions within the organization.

 The candidate selection process is continuously ongoing. We look forward to your application, containing your resume and cover letter, in which you tell us a little about yourself and describe your interest in Tacton and this position.

 Please note that this position is located in Stockholm.


Om företaget

Tacton is a world leader in sales and product configuration.

Our ground-breaking technology redefines how product configuration is managed – making it dramatically simpler to design, configure and sell complex products.

Our products are based on the patented technology in the Tacton Configurator.

Back in 1987, a group of engineers and programmers at the Swedish Institute of Computer Science were doing ground-breaking research in the field of knowledge-based systems, and the application of artificial intelligence to solve industry challenges.

The researchers were convinced that there were great gains to be made by applying the principles to the field of product configuration. The research team worked in close collaboration with companies such as Ericsson, ABB, and Alfa Laval – companies that provided demanding real-world requirements.

The group developed a configurator for a pilot project that caused quite a stir. Both the researchers and the Institute saw the commercial potential of what had been developed, and Tacton Systems was formed as a spin-off from the research institute.

Today Tacton is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, with customers and resellers across the globe. The company is founded on innovative research and collaborative thinking, and we are just as dedicated to advancing the field of configuration today as we were back then.

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