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Detta jobb är inaktivt och går inte att söka längre.


Let's face it, invoicing sucks. But it doesn't have to be that way, and that's something Billogram has already proven. We've transformed billing into a positive part of the customer experience, by inventing the digitally shared invoice.

Om denna position

Billogram is a fintech startup whose goal is to transform invoicing from a stale payment request into a shared and interactive meeting place that creates value for both businesses and consumers. In short, we want to move the focus of invoicing from the transaction to the relationship.

We've recently gone through a successful pivot towards larger companies, and today we see ourselves as a ´B2B2C´ company whose role is to facilitate a financial relationship between a business and their customers. Everything at Billogram is growing, our platform, our team and last but not least -- our number of customers.

Thanks to these good times, we are now looking for a service-minded Customer Support representative to join our ranks. A person passionate about great Customer Support who's excited about taking on an agile role and is comfortable working in a fast-paced environment.

The role

Working with Customer Support at Billogram means everyday contact, via email and phone, with a range of our clients, as well as the occasional Billogram invoice recipient. Aside from customer care, you will assist with administrative and compliance processes. You will tackle big and small issues directly with our clients, answering a variety of questions regarding invoices, payments etc. All this while also helping our clients' manage the relationships with their customers.

While working directly with the Billogram platform and receiving continuous feedback from our customers, you should be able to draw conclusions from your daily interactions. These valuable insights will then help us sharpen our offer and better develop our product for the future.

So, to become successful in this role you really need to get to know the Billogram product inside out. This is essential in order to provide great support, but also to better guide our clients into smarter ways of working and improving their workflows.

Who we think you are

You have experience of Customer Service, and like us, you are passionate about the Customer Experience. You go far to achieve customer satisfaction and are devoted to delivering extraordinary customer care. We believe that you can easily relate to being solution-oriented, have an eye for detail and excellent communication skills. We also hope that your positive attitude will drive you to see solutions where others see problems. Lastly, this role requires you to be fluent in both Swedish and English!

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About Us

On the way to world domination, Billogram has helped over 21.000 companies transition from boring paper bills, to digitally shared invoices.

This new "easy on the eyes" invoice turns something aged and neglected, into an important part of a positive customer experience.

Billogram deals with hundreds of thousands of payments, amounting to billions of Swedish Crowns each year. All while saving trees from being killed and cutting back on postal transportations.

Our main goal now is to be around longer than the dinosaurs and therefore we have since the start brought in SEK 50 million in venture capital from a number of investors, including Peter Sjunnesson (previously Chairman of Klarna).

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