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Detta jobb är inaktivt och går inte att söka längre.

Om jobbet

Have you thought about how much of life that goes missing from your memories? Many fantastic and special moments become blurred together after a while and it feels like life just rushes by, too fast for us to grasp. We at Narrative wanted to find a way to relive more of our lives in the future – and enjoy the present as it happens. Narrative develops a tiny, automatic camera that you clip on and wear. It’s an entirely new kind of camera that automatically takes photos as you go. You can be a part of Narrative’s continued development.

iOS developer at Narrative

As an iOS developer at Narrative you will be an important member of our development team. You are a problem solver who doesn´t give up easily and you see every problem as a challenge. You always put the user first and go that extra mile to make the user experience perfect. You are a team player who helps your colleges and you are not afraid to ask for help.

You should have 3-5 years of relevant work experience. It is an advantage having worked with agile methods.

Skills - Objective-C and Cocoa Touch (experience in C or Cocoa is a plus) - Experience in working with web services - Can comfortably work with UI/UX professionals to creatively solve problems and implement solutions - Experience in OSX development and Python/Django is a plus

You are familiar with - Frameworks like CoreData - Memory management best practices - Networking and caching - Modern Objective C Technologies (i.e. blocks) - Agile methods - Open source libraries like AFNetworking, BlocksKit and Facebook iOS SDK

You will be working with - Developing Narrative’s iOS application - Aid in developing, maintaining and documenting internal and public APIs

Om företaget

Founded in Sweden in 2012, Narrative was first called Memoto. The name was supposed to allude to the sentiment of “memory + automatic”, because an automatic memory was essentially what this new company was set to build.

On October 23 2012, the Kickstarter campaign “Memoto Lifelogging Camera” set sails. The goal was to bring in $50,000 to have the resources to move into production. 36 days later, 2,871 amazing people from San Francisco to Shanghai had pledged an astonishing total of $550,189 and we were set to bring the Memoto Lifelogging Camera to reality. How that happened? Well, mostly because people are generally loving and awesome – and thanks to a hardworking team.

2013 brought a need for a name change after we learned that Memoto conflicted with another company’s name containing “Moto”. The new name, Narrative, reflects what we strive for: a world where everyone can tell their own story. And the product formerly known as the Memoto Lifelogging Camera made its debut with users under the name Narrative Clip.

In 2014, the Narrative Clip is available for immediate shipping to all continents and most countries. You can order one here on our webshop or visit one of our retailers.

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