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Become a programmer in 12 weeks

Detta jobb är inaktivt och går inte att söka längre.

A real-world learning experience

You'll always learn from real programmers and work with popular tech companies. We'll make sure you learn the latest technologies and tools. Together you'll build real-world projects, websites, and digital products.

Focus areas

  • Fundamental programming concepts
  • Internet and web knowledge
  • Structuring web projects
  • Programming tools and techniques
  • Frontend development
  • JavaScript
  • React -- A technology from Facebook
  • Server-side coding with Node.js

Who is this for?

Anyone who wants to change direction and start work with web development or those want to add on to existing skillsets. You will have great possibilities to start work as a junior developer afterwards.

About Technigo

Technigo is a new form of education, a fast paced tech education formed to teach the latest technologies. For us, technology is creative. It's a tool that enables you to reach and affect many people globally. We are a popup school, currently at Långholmen in Stockholm, Södermalm. Together with successful tech companies we educate people to build future web experiences. Technigo is a new learning intiative from the creators of Tjejer Kodar.

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You can currently only sign up as interested. Official applications and placement test opens on August 21. Sign up below and we'll tell you all about our applications process and send you a friendly reminder when it's time to fill on your offcial application.

Learn to code for the web in 12 weeks

Start learning how to build websites and digital products to reach and affect many people. Enable digital creativity with tools like programming and technology. Change direction and start work with web development.

In our 12 week boot camp, you'll learn the essentials to start working as a junior web developer. It will be intense - we promise that. The modules will cover everything from the basics of programming to how to structure and build bigger web projects. We'll focus mainly on JavaScript - one of the most popular languages right now.

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