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Back-end developer for early stage startup

Detta jobb är inaktivt och går inte att söka längre.

Om jobbet

Yepstr offers a chance to be a part of something from the start which combines exciting technical challenges and the possibility to have a positive impact on the world. We are a diverse group of people with start-up experience as well as backgrounds from companies such as Spotify, Netlight, McKinsey and BCG. We also happen to be well funded (considering the company was formed just a few months ago) meaning we can offer more than just equity.

We currently are looking for a talented developer who is ready to be a driving force in our product development team. You will join as one of yepstr’s first team members, and will be a part of laying the foundation that the product will be built on.

So – what would be my role?

Your role will continuously develop as the company grows but initially you will be our back-end expert which entails working tightly with the rest of the development team on the following:

Build a modular and scalable back-end that can work across both mobile and web for large amounts of users Create the underlying functionality to enable a marketplace including communications (chat, sms, email) and payments between users Get the product (initally html based) to work on iOS and Android by using react, Cordova and similar tools Help us define the future technical platform of yepstr incl. architecture, framework choices, development methodology, tools etc.

The deal

In addition to a salary and an employee stock option program you will be a part of a young, diverse and highly motivated group of people. We work very closely together which means we learn a lot from each other be it development, design, marketing or how to run a small company. We also have fun together, drink beer, play games, eat dinner, party, exercise etc. Finally, we don't believe in facetime and love flexibility which means we find the hours that work for us and get the job done.

Skills & Requirements

We believe you are a dependable developer who prefers a high working tempo, variation and learning from other exceptionally driven people. You like working in a team using agile and test-driven approaches. You like to experiment and you are not afraid of trying new things and learning from mistakes.

You are experienced in different web technologies and can choose the right tool for the right purpose whether it’s databases, infrastructure, programming languages or libraries. You have a good understanding for data structures and algorithms as well as how to apply them to design pragmatic solutions.

Required skills

  • Server side web development (for example in ruby/python/node.js/java etc.)
  • Knowledge of node.js
  • Good understanding of HTML, CSS and javascript

We consider it a great advantage if you have experience in some of the following:

  • Scaling software to hundreds of thousands or even millions of users
  • Reactjs and other javascript frameworks / toolkits
  • App- development for iOS/Android (maybe with cordova)
  • Payment solutions (both in and outbound)
  • Chat or voice communication
Om företaget

Vi är yepstr - ett nystartat svenskt företag med en gemensam vision - att ge våra ungdomar den praktiska erfarenhet de idag saknar! Vi tror att de första småjobben, sommarjobben och extraknäcken är långt viktigare än man idag ger sken av. Vi tror att det är där många av livets första och viktigaste läxor lärs ut: hur man interagerar med vuxna, vad folk är villiga att betala för, att komma i tid, hur man säljer en produkt eller tjänst samt hur man samarbetar med sin omgivning. När ungdomar i större utsträckning börjar extrajobba vid sidan av skolan är vi övertygade om att vi kommer se ungdomsarbetslösheten minska. På riktigt.

Vi drivs av att starta något som vi vet kan göra skillnad! Trots att vi startade yepster för bara några månader sedan har vi ett oerhört starkt team av investerare – allt från en av de första på Spotify, till en av Sveriges rikaste, till en av grundarna av Blackrock.

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