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Let's break boundaries

We strive to always do things new and fresh. We let our mind and thinking go to unexplored places. We step outside the comfort zone. We break boundaries.

We're hiring for VR!

VR is not about demos anymore. Thats in the past. In the hype cycle of emergent tech, it has entered the slope.

We're known as a company that provides cutting edge IT solutions and now we want to strengthen our VR team.


We're looking for You who likes to work in a dynamic environment together with talented colleagues who are inventive, value excellence and believe that great teamwork is much better than only one person doing the thinking.

You have a deep interest in VR and how to use VR/AR in a new and innovative way. You wish to add feeling and experience to an existing product by using the technique and potential of VR/AR and the possibilities that comes with it.

We're hoping to find You who always seeks for new solutions, challenges and technologies. You, who breaks boundaries and loves stepping outside of your comfort zone.

To be a perfect match for us and to find it stimulating, challenging and interesting, we believe you always choose to use the latest technology to create awesome things and aren't afraid of trying what's new. To always improve and never stop learning comes natural to you and you have a mindset of 'only the sky is the limit'. A lively conversation, discussing different kinds of solutions and fresh thinking is something that gives you inspiration and energy.

You welcome a challenge when you find one and with the attitude 'everything is possible', we're convinced that you will enjoy working with the rest of the team.

We value Teamwork, Inventiveness and Excellence, and hope you do too. These are the cornerstones in everything we do.

Who are we...?

We break boundaries. We are innovators, driven by our passion and creativity. We love building great technical solutions that connect, engage and amaze.

We liken the company we work for as a mix of consulting and product development. We have one foot in both so you don't have to choose one over the other.

Good to know

We work best in complete collaboration with our clients, and it all begins with a conversation. To feel that you're in the right place, you have to enjoy discussions with both clients and colleagues.

We don't mind if you're working on your own projects. For us, that's a big plus because then you probably have experienced how it could be to take an idea from a napkin sketch to a real product.. a nice challenge :slightlysmilingface:

Technical skills

  • Strong skills in Unity
  • A background in coding C#

Let us hear from you!

find out more about what we do and who we are by visiting..Symbio Sweden

'The working environment is very relaxed and creative with fun and up-to-date-in-tech colleagues...'

Jannica Thun, iOS developer
  • Perk: Central office Central office
  • Perk: Competent and fun colleagues Competent and fun colleagues
  • Perk: Responsibility Responsibility
  • Perk: Market salary Market salary
  • Perk: Flextime Flextime
  • Perk: Wellbeing allowance Wellbeing allowance
Who we are

Started in 1994 by some very talented IBM executives, Symbio today is the Symbol for Innovation and Outstanding digital products and services. We provide global software engineering teams and R&D services.

We believe in putting People First - our customers, our team. With this mindset, we co-create innovative software products and transformative digital services that connect, engage, and amaze.

Symbio currently has over 1500 talented people located across ten offices and seven major delivery centers including the United States, Sweden, Finland, China and Taiwan.

Symbio Sweden is centrally based in Stockholm and employs over 30 multinational developers as well as support functions. We work with a diverse group of businesses from small startups to large international companies including Magine, Epicenter, Volvo, and H&M to name a few. Motivated by engaging projects, we work in self-organized/cross-functional/end-to-end teams thus ensuring a total success and collaborative environment for both our partners as well as our employees.

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