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Who we are

Monto, part of Fortnox, is now looking for a Data Scientist!

Monto is on a mission to ensure that all small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) are able to access financing on fair terms. We want to level the playing field between SMEs and Enterprises by helping lenders become better at serving their SME customers. By leveling up lenders, helping them make use of real time accounting and financial data we will help them to help SMEs and thereby close the financing gap in the market. We are boosting the business of SMEs which will fuel the economy!

We are looking to hire great people, who are passionate about using their talents to generate success. We are currently looking for a Data Scientist to better understand, segment and predict customer’s behavior and their financial states.

Who you are

We are looking for ambitious people with a sense of ownership and responsibility. We need problem solvers, initiative takers, people that see opportunities and potential to improve. You will play an important role in taking Monto to the next level - thus, you should desire to go above and beyond to deliver and grow as an individual. At Monto we embrace change, you should dare to challenge the status quo and be persistent in doing so.

Moreover we believe that you are passionate about data science and want to be a part of Monto Data Science helping companies get access to financing based on their true real time behavior and financial data.

You have: 

  • Knowledge of machine learning and statistics
  • Python and SQL programming skills
  • Experience developing ML models.
  • Strong communication skills and the ability to connect the findings to our business
  • Experienced with AWS is a plus

What’s in it for you?

You will be working in a multicultural team with other data scientists and ML engineers, creating machine learning solutions to add intelligence and automation to Monto’s SaaS platform. Our team owns our products end-to-end, including generating, extracting and preprocessing data, as well as developing, deploying, and monitoring our models.

Specifically you will: 

  • Design, develop, and monitor next-gen ML solutions
  • Translate business and data needs to technical requirements, then work with other teams to ensure correct implementation
  • Work closely with product designers and developers to scope and design our products and identify potential new opportunities
  • Contribute to the team with your mathematical skills and modeling abilities

If you share our passion, join us in making the world a better place for small and medium businesses!

About Monto & Fortnox:

Monto is part of Fortnox AB (publ), a business platform that connects people, companies and organizations. We help companies start, grow and develop. With smart technical products, solutions and services, and the opportunity to connect them with hundreds of external parties, we are a hub for businesses in Sweden. Our vision is to create a prosperous society shaped by successful companies. Fortnox was founded in 2001 and has headquarters in Växjö and offices in Malmö, Linköping and Stockholm. The share is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. For further information see

Are you curious about Monto's story? Read more about us here.

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Om företaget

We  are a team of entrepreneurs and technologists who share the conviction  that small and medium sized businesses are the key to a better world.  Starting in 2015, our founders set out to solve one of their biggest  headaches: access to fair and flexible financing.

Having  personally faced countless rejections when applying for funding, they  decided to engineer a service addressing the industry’s key hurdles:  manual processes, a lack of reliable and relevant data, and a general  mismatch between SMEs’ dynamic needs and the lending industry’s  capabilities to meet them.

In 2015, we founded  a pioneering lending and factoring service aimed at SMEs, Capcito. We  spent two years developing our proprietary scoring engine and initiated a  partnership with leading Nordic bank SEB, enabling us to provide fast  and accessible working capital.

The service  was powered by real-time data connections to SME accounting systems. Our  focus on data, technology and customer experience allowed us to provide  SMEs access to fair working capital solutions.

With  Monto, we are determined to make this opportunity available at scale.  We want to be the bridge that allows traditional as well as modern  lenders to quickly achieve new dimensions of insight, risk control,  efficiency and customer experience in their lending. And we want to  continuously help improve their offering with time.

Today  we offer the Monto platform as a modular one-stop-shop service to  companies looking to offer fully digital and highly automated financial  services to their end clients. By operating a fast-growing direct  lending company under the same roof (Capcito), we gain instant feedback  from SME businesses in order to  ensure that our products and services  are one of a kind on the market today.

Our  goal is to become the leading platform in Europe providing better  lending and credit decision tools to banks, financial institutions, ERPs  and PSPs. In 2020, we launched our first licensing partnership with SEB  to use our proprietary technology, and have since onboarded a handful  of other industry players.

With security and  ease of use as our guiding principles, we aim to become the go-to  technology partner for all companies offering working capital solutions  to SMEs, so they can gain the full benefit of modern 21st century financing.

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