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Om jobbet

You have probably spent a couple of years in a bigger company, maybe as a consultant, and have seen their application going through the entire product lifecycle. This means you know what it means to develop something from scratch but also what is important when maintaining once live.

You get really excited about security, Klarity will be handling very sensitive information, potentially putting people's lives at risk, so we need to have that in mind in every step we take. That said you are not a security expert, rather you are a developer that knows a great deal about security.

We will develop web based applications but we guess that's just peanuts for you.

You know the stakeholder or user is not always right but understand that they usually have a good reason for asking for something and you enjoy working with domain experts to achieve the best product possible. You think having a poster in the office saying THINK IT. BUILD IT. SHIP IT. BREAK IT is corny but the phrase makes sense.

We haven’t decided on tech stack yet so you will be part of deciding that together with the rest of the team. Of course we write small, coherent services so using the right tool for different tasks allows for a broad palette of languages and frameworks. For the applications we like running the JVM in production so likely choices are Java and Clojure and perhaps some Scala for data processing.

Experience in these languages is meriting but we believe a good developer can pick up any language reasonably fast so don’t let it stop you if you haven’t worked with any of them before.

If you have worked with Domain Driven Design and event sourced CQRS before you will feel right at home, we absolutely love it. If not we will gladly guide you into this wonderful world as well as letting you share your experience of past successes and failures with us.

Finally you are probably reading this ad because you are wondering if your exceptional skills could come in handy to improve people's everyday lives, and we don't mean making the loading time of their favourite app load 1 millisecond faster, no we mean real social impact- giving them the tools to fight corruption and bring development and prosperity to their community. That is what we were wondering about before joining Klarity.

Check us out at www.Klarity.org

Questions? Contact Kristoffer Hanson - kristoffer@klarity.org.

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Om företaget

At Klarity we are on an exciting, ambitious and bold mission, fighting corruption with technology. One in four people around the world pays a bribe to access public services. This systematic corruption undermines people’s trust in political and economic systems, institutions and its leaders. People affected by corruption need help to take action and hold public officials accountable without risking their lives. At Klarity we believe technology can help them.

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