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Detta jobb är inaktivt och går inte att söka längre.

About the job

SEB is a leading northern European financial services group, and at the same time, one of the largest IT employers in the Nordics. Banking is changing rapidly, and we are proud of our reputation for being entrepreneurial and innovative in the face of change. Our brilliant techies work hard to future proof SEB’s digital architecture and customer products because it genuinely makes a huge impact for our customers and colleagues.

Are you a developer that enjoys back-end/process development and at the same time want to work close to the business? Do you also have a broad technical competence, enjoy teamwork and innovative thinking, then you are a good fit for this role.

What you will be doing

As a developer you will join a small team to further develop our new next generation financial management platform (FMP). Development activities are broad and include for example:

· Configuration of standard cloud-based systems such as the general ledger system

· Together with business, manage and implement accounting rules in the accounting hub

· Overseeing the IRFS17 regulatory component

· Providing data to our cloud-based systems using our newly build Life Data Platform. Built using a data pipeline concept as containerized applications using platforms such as OpenShift and Kubernetes. Processing, combining and filtering financial data from source to our end users

All of the above are pieces that needs to fit together in the financial management area, and very critical to our business.

Who we are looking for

As a developer you will be part of a small agile team where IT and business work together to secure quality and success. We are in a phase where we continuously work to modernize the current application and develop new functionality according to our target architecture. In this role you will work with a wide variety of tools and technologies. A good general understanding of development processes and programming is important.

Previous experience with financial applications and an interest in the business is important and will help you in the role. Being curious, driven and having the right mindset will get you a long way in the role. You should be willing to and have the experience necessary to take the lead in some of the development activities. Working close with the business side to discuss further development and maintenance will be a big part of the role.

What we offer

· Empowering environment and be part of a huge change the coming years for our development

· Extensive training and learning opportunities

· Friendly and welcoming culture

· Agile and modern ways of working

We offer many experiences and benefits to our employees, and there is nuance to every individual’s career experience, but these are elements that define our core offering.

Learn more about working at SEB

At SEB, we are convinced that inclusion & diversity are key in order to build strong well-functioning teams and for our company to be sustainable in the future. We strive to have an inclusive and value driven culture, where everyone feels appreciated, respected and involved, regardless of background, experience, beliefs, gender, age or where we come from.

Ready to join?

Attach your CV and a personal letter describing yourself and how you can contribute in this role. Since we select candidates on running bases, feel free to send in your application today, but no later than 2022-04-17. If you have questions about the position, please contact Annika Wallin, +46 70 335 86 71,

SEB is one of the largest Tech employers in the Nordics. We are international, business savvy techies that contribute to or are responsible for SEB’s banking software, ensuring that both internal and external products and services are delivered fast and efficiently, that access is always on, and that solutions are trusted and compliant. We work hard to future-proof SEB with world class digital architecture and the deployment of new technologies.

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