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Senior Software Engineer

Detta jobb är inaktivt och går inte att söka längre.

About the job

Are you tired of job ads with endless detailed requirement lists and corporate nonsense? So are we! We believe in recruiting the right person with the right mindset to our team! We are confident that you know what skills are necessary to do an awesome job. And who are we? We are a team at Scania IT, working with Sales & Services IT, that are looking for another awesome senior software engineer to join us. Our team is currently building a new application in AWS from scratch using Java & Angular. In the team we have really great developers, both senior and junior, to do this, but AWS is quite new to some of us so we need all help we can get. Of course we do the development together with our business that really knows what they want.

What are we looking for

We know that you, as we do, think agile is the best way to make success. You want to be a part of developing this excellent application from the beginning and do it in a way that brings even more value to our customers. The old application lasted for over 25 years, so building the new one will be quite a challenge for us. But of course you will be able to contribute to make this a success since you are passionate about software development and especially AWS.

Teamwork is what you believe in, therefore helping your teammates, doing pair- and mob-programming, teaching other comes naturally for you. Continuous improvements are one of our core values at Scania and we are taught to love deviations and learn from them. We guess you agree! And therefore, continuously striving to make yourself and the team better, is part of your DNA as well.

What will you do

We are in the beginning of the road to the best system for handling claims and the journey has so far been mixed with surprises, bumps and success (as you know it always is). Your job will be that together with the team create an architecture that will make the surprises less common and instead we focus on success. With the other senior developers in the team, you will guide and teach our juniors. T-shaped is not only a buzz word for us, it is how we like to be and together we make it happen.

What we can offer you

At Scania IT we Trust our employees and think that working from wherever you are awesome is the best way to do it. We believe that meeting each other in real life is also important so we try to meet once a week at the office.

Sustainability is a crucial part of Scania’s strategy and we believe is the only way forward into the future. It should be our mindset in everything we do from the development of our trucks to how me manage our IT systems. Do you for example know that we have a group focusing only on Green IT? We do walk the talk!

We also think Work Balance is important and make our best to make sure our employees have a sustainable pace. You should feel challenged and motivated, but you should never feel too pressured or unsafe at work.

Finally, one of our key words is Transparency. We really believe in an open & inclusive culture where information should be shared between everyone. Our belief is that the number of secrets is a measurement of the organizational health.

We have the opportunity to work both from home and at the office and each team choose the best setup for them.

We hope that you would like to join us in our exciting and challenging journey ahead, so we would love to hear from you! If you have more questions do not hesitate to contact the recruiting group manager Ylva Ögren, Group Manager, +46-8-553 706 51

Om företaget

Scania is a world-leading provider of transport solutions, including trucks and buses for heavy transport applications combined with an extensive product-related service offering. Scania offers vehicle financing, insurance and rental services to enable our customers to focus on their core business. Scania is also a leading provider of industrial and marine engines. In 2019, we delivered 91,700 trucks, 7,800 buses as well as 10,200 industrial and marine engines to our customers. Net sales totalled to over SEK 152 billion, of which about 20 percent were services-related. Founded in 1891, Scania now operates in more than 100 countries and employs some 51,000 people. Research and development are concentrated in Sweden, with branches in Brazil and India. Production takes place in Europe, Latin America and Asia, with regional production centers in Africa, Asia and Eurasia. Scania is part of TRATON SE.

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