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30 hp – Control strategy for conditioning Gearbox oil in Testbed

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About the job

A Diploma work at Scania is an excellent way of building relations with a potential future employer. Many of our co-workers today started their Scania careers with thesis work.


Scania Test Rig Development (NLR) and subgroup Testing Systems (NLRI) are responsible for developing technical solutions for component testing at Scania R&D. A testing system may refer to anything from a small setup for testing mechanical durability of a piston to a large wind tunnel testbed testing entire trucks and buses.

In our e-mobility Testbeds we run highly dynamical tests on our e-gearboxes, therefore we need to find the optimal control strategy for conditioning the temperature of the oil in the existing equipment.


Many testbeds for e-mobility use an in-house designed oil conditioning unit with PLC code written in Beckhoff TwinCAT™. The goal of the project is to evaluate and improve the existing control strategy in this oil conditioning unit by:

  • Analysing the strengths and weaknesses of the current control philosophy
  • Evaluate the control algorithms in the control Toolbox of TwinCAT™
  • Implement a new and improved control algorithm
  • Test the new implementation both in our simulator and on the existing equipment to evaluate the result


Suitable education could be a master of science in Mechatronic or Engineering Physics with courses in control theory and programming

Number of students: 1-2

Time: 20 weeks

Start date: Fall-2021

Credits: 30hp

SSSGTY Tony Åsberg, NLRI, tel +468 553 80361

Group manager:
SSSNMD Mårten Andersson, NLRI, tel +468 553 83335


Your application should include a CV, cover letter and transcripts of records.

Apply here (link)

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