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Performance Marketer

Trickle - Stockholm - Full time

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We believe you’ve already worked with performance marketing, especially in paid social, Google Ads and/or display marketing. Ideally, you have experience in all things surrounding e-commerce, product feeds and prospecting and retargeting tactics – and what you don’t already know, you’re eager to learn.

At Trickle you will take the lead on increasing conversion and lowering cost per action for our clients. Perhaps you have a fancy marketing degree, or perhaps you’ve learnt by doing – it really doesn’t matter to us, as long as you’re a data-driven do:er who lives and breathes digital marketing and content distribution that yields viable results, we’re sure to get along perfectly.

We don’t believe in hierarchies – and you probably shouldn’t either. At Trickle we do stuff together. We’re growing at a fast pace, so if you’re interested in being part of really building something from the ground up – this is the next challenge for you!

  • On a daily basis set up and manage our performance campaigns within the following tools/platforms: Facebook Business Manager, LinkedIn ads, Twitter Ads, Google & YouTube Ads and DSP & DMP tools.
  • Compile distribution plans and execute them perfectly.
  • Analyze audiences and create target groups.
  • Build custom reports, analyze and share results.
  • Provide key insights to content producers.
  • Share strategies, knowledge and key insights internally.
  • Project management and contact with clients and partners.
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Trickle has grown out of a fundamental excitement for all things web and social media. Ah, how we romanticize the web and it’s weirdly democratic eco system! We’re a fun and fast paced band of distributors who execute wonders on a daily basis. We believe your overall well being, where you work and who you work with are just as important as the what and the how. Read more about being part of Trickle here:

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