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Full Stack Developer

Columbia Road - Stockholm - Full time

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Columbia Road is challenging the old ways of running eCommerce and digital business. We're looking to expand our Stockholm office, working hands-on with exciting clients while growing the operations through recruitment and sales.

About the job

You build businesses: storefronts, APIs, connecting the core systems together. You are looking for an opportunity to change the digital commerce ways of working into a more agile direction: instead of platforms we should speak more about business impact. Instead of waterfall, ecommerce should be lean.

You are a full stack developer with experience in eCommerce or in full-stack development in general. We don’t expect you to have years and years of experience with a particular eCommerce platform – lots of positive energy and a “getting things done” attitude is the winning combination.

You have experience in building Java/J2EE/.NET/C# -based web solutions and related integrations, but you also know your way around with other languages such as Ruby, Scala, PHP or JavaScript.

You understand that technology is a means to an end: the business problem we are solving defines the technology stack that is best for the case – not the other way around. This means that the variety of technologies we may be use in a customer case may vary quite a lot.

By nature, you are analytical and like to solve problems. You are able to bring clarity to uncertain and chaotic situations. You are ambitious and results-oriented in everything you do, but you like to have fun as well.

You will have a great chance to grow with us, nurture your own ambitions and learn new skills.


Skills and experience we expect you to have:

  • Analytical mindset, ability to see outside the box
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to divide a large problem to smaller pieces and find the relations between them
  • Earlier experience with software development projects
  • A growing toolbox, with proper tools for solving the problem at hand
  • Willingness to learn new tools and technologies
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Om företaget

Vi hjälper våra klienter att öka deras intäkter och få fler kunder via deras digitala plattformar. Våra engagerade team består av affärskonsulter/rådgivare med en förståelse för tech såväl som affärsdrivna digitala marknadsförare, designers och utvecklare.

Våran företagsanda är den av en sann entreprenöriell start-up men med handfast kompetens inom vårt område. Vi tror på att ge våra anställda stort ansvar och frihet för bästa möjliga förutsättningar att tillsammans driva vår framgång. Hos oss skrattar vi mycket, tar en AW efter jobbet och såklart, en hel del välförtjänta fikor.

Columbia Road grundades i Helsingfors, Finland, för tre år sedan. Kontoret i Helsingfors har sedan dess växt till 75 personer och nu ser vi fram emot att även växa vårt team i Stockholm. Du som kommer in i det här skedet kommer att ha en betydande roll i vilka vi jobbar med och hur vår verksamhet i Stockholm utvecklas. Vi vill att du sätter tonen och tar nästa stora steg i Stockholm med oss.

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